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Deck Clearly Stacked Against Saddam Hussein


By James Donahue

Aug. 3, 2005


When psychic Aaron C. Donahue predicted last month that the fate of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein would be known by Aug. 8, it seemed as if he was rushing this particular prophecy.


As an experienced news reporter and after years of watching the courts, I understood that the new Iraqi court system wasn’t working this particular case through fast enough to meet that particular deadline.


But this week something happened in that courtroom that made me realize just how stacked the deck is against Hussein.


Khalil al-Dulaimi, one of the lawyers defending Saddam, charged that during an appearance in court last week an unidentified man stepped from among a number of onlookers and physically assaulted Saddam while the judge and court security officers watched.


Al-Dulaimi said the attack was severe enough that there was an exchange of blows between Saddam and his assailant. The event occurred in a formal court. Apparently the judge or other court officials did nothing to stop what was happening.


The Iraqi government and the Iraqi Special Tribunal has since taken the official stand that such an attack never occurred.


The lawyers are demanding an apology from the tribunal and the court. They also are insisting that the tribunal guarantees the safety of Saddam and the other former regime figures scheduled for trial later this year, and that the attacker is charged and punished.


Al-Dulaimi said the team of defense lawyers is refusing to attend any further court proceedings until the demands are met.


If what they are saying is true, and if they refuse to act to defend Hussein in what is clearly turning out to be a kangaroo court operated by a puppet government established by the United States, then there is no doubt left as to the fate of Saddam Hussein.


There will be a mock trial for Saddam and the other former leaders of Iraq now being charged with war crimes. Then they will be executed.


That US and UK troops invaded Hussein's country and he ordered his army to shoot back apparently has no weight in this particular court. The former dictator also is being tried for alleged crimes against the people during his time in office.  


Donahue says he believes Saddam is Mabus, the prophetic person that appears in a disturbing quatrain penned in the Sixteenth Century by the French prophet Nostradamus.


That passage warns that after Mabus dies, there will be terrible undoing of people and animals.


Donahue said Nostradamus was a physician and used the term “undoing” to describe a plague that sweeps the world, killing both people and animals.


He said on his radio show last week that further research has indicated that this event also was foretold by the prophet that wrote the Ninth Chapter of the Book of the Revelation.


That chapter tells of the opening of the Sixth Seal, the release of the four angels on horses belching smoke, fire and sulfur. From their breath plagues sweep the world, killing a third of all humans.

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