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Drudge Report: A Million Iraqis Want US Out


By James Donahue

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Controversial Internet web host Matt Drudge posted a report Sunday that a million Iraqis have signed a petition demanding the withdrawal of US-led troops in their country.


The petition, allegedly circulated by radicals within the Shiite majority community, was generated “to show the world the rejection by Iraqis of foreigners in Iraq,” said Sheikh Abdel Zahra al-Suwaidi, a Shiite spokesman.


If this extremist group can successfully circulate a petition and gather a million names in that deadly war-torn Middle Eastern place, it seems as if there is a groundswell of sentiment there against continued U.S. occupation.


Thus our mission there, to capture control of the oil deposits under Iraqi soil, seems to be failing. The Iraqis may be in civil war against one another, but they also may be somewhat united in their agreement that U.S. troops should get out of their homeland and allow them to settle affairs in their own way.


The proclaimed reasons for the 2003 invasion of that country . . . the declaration that dictator Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction . . . and later the need to topple the evil Hussein from power . . . were bogus from the start.


The Bush Administration’s mission was always to seize the oil reserves in Iraq. Now that we have a U.S. puppet government somewhat established, and are busy training Iraqis to fight to keep it in power, the unrest is growing. The locals are resorting to suicide bomb attacks to drive us away.


It seems that if Bush wants that oil, he is going to have to come out of the closet and declare himself the empire builder that he is, and simply seize it.


Somehow I doubt if the world is going to stand by and allow him to do that, however.

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