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Turning Ourselves Into Robots For Survival


By James Donahue

July 2005


Some of the visitors to my website have been debating whether our son Aaron C. Donahue is predicting events before they happen, or if they are happening because he is predicting them. I received the following perspective from one of my readers:


“A friend once told me that if you have an invention, or an idea, then you need to do something quickly in order to get proper credit for it since, if you don’t, in about two weeks or a month, someone else will. I’ve seen this proved right many times, and it’s only a small indication of the power of the collective.”


Indeed, not only does Aaron know this, but I believe he often uses the collective to put new thoughts into the world in an effort to cause paradigm shifts in human thought patterns and change the direction that the world is taking.


For example, even though Aaron has predicted a Third World War between China and the United States, he is issuing this warning over and over again, and doing all that he can to stop the Christian agenda, which leads to Armageddon and chaos.


He wants to be wrong in this prediction of a future event. I am sure that the leaders of China agree with Aaron, as do many of the leaders in the United States who are not caught up in the insanity of fundamental Christianity.


Yet another of Aaron’s more infamous predictions for the future is the story of the red haired woman in the blue dress that appeared before Aaron as a projected image from the future, pleading with him to warn the world against trying to escape the looming death of our planet by transferring our consciousness into robots.


Even as I write these words scientists are beginning to experiment with high speed new computer technology that works on human DNA instead of the silicone micro-chip. And authors Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Terry Grossman have a new book on the market titled:

“Fantastic Voyage; Live Long Enough to Live Forever.” In this book the writers talk about the technological possibilities of transposing human consciousness into robots that never die.


Since Aaron introduced this idea at least five or six years ago, I have noticed that science appears to be working overtime to make it become reality. Will they succeed in time?


Aaron warns that the death of the planet is rushing headlong at us, and that unless we make some dynamic changes in what we are doing, we will not have time to develop these machines to the perfection needed to be successful at this form of escape.


What he believes will happen is that we will nearly succeed . . . at least to a point where we have a self-replicating computer that we can put our consciousness into, and a field of images of the world as we once knew it to look at. The machines also will be linked to each other so there may be some conscious form of communication between those that choose to go into the machines. But it will not be like being in a human body.


Everybody that chooses this route will be entering a living hell. Once the Earth dies, and all human life is gone, there will be no one left to turn off the machines. That means every person in them is condemned to exist, on a conscious level, until the machine fails or the sun goes into a super nova and burns up the planet. Death will be delayed for billions of years.


This was Aaron’s warning. But there is an alternative. Aaron speaks of finding a way to slow down the death of our planet, giving us time to develop new bodies that can endure the extreme heat and deadly gasses and thus make future life on earth possible. He believes we can design silicone-based bodies that function like our present carbon-based bodies and give ourselves hope for a future.


The key will be slowing down the death throes of the planet. And that will take the collective action by all of the world leaders and governments to work together, forcing people to abide by a strict disciplinary way of life that is earth friendly. Anyone caught destroying a living tree, for example, will be put to death.


It will be that extreme.


The alternative to building robots in which to live will be even more severe. It calls for contact with Lucifer, the alien human progenitor, to glean technology for either saving our planet or projecting the DNA of a select number of humans into the past for another stab at success on a new universal plane.


At this important junction in time, the humans have many alternatives. And the choices we make will lead down dynamically different roads. Through physics we believe that this will create a variety of different universes through which mankind will pass. A few might succeed but most will fall into oblivion.


This could be an exciting time for us all as we race to achieve success.


Maintaining the status quo with fools like George W. Bush at the helm is sure to end in early disaster for all concerned, however.

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