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Plutonium Dust

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Bush’s Wicked Nuclear War In Iraq


By James Donahue

July 2005


I noticed a legislative hearing televised on C-Span the other day where Washington legislators appeared to be outraged to have learned that the U. S. Military was poisoning Iraq and Afghanistan with bombs and bullets made with uranium tipped casings.


It was as if these people in high office didn’t know from day one that our ugly move for control of the Middle East crude was nuclear warfare in disguise. How could they have missed this information? The story has been widely circulated on the Internet. Certainly somebody other than highly classified personnel in the Pentagon knew it.


America has committed the very worst of atrocities against the people of Iraq since we sent forces to invade that country in 2003. We have bombed and shelled that beautiful place into rubble and poisoned the water, land and air to a point where it is virtually uninhabitable. Babies are being born with horrible deformities, a large number of people are getting cancers, lung disorders are on a rampage, and still the fighting continues. We are still firing shells and bombs with casings contaminated with uranium.


The radioactive land, air and water is poisioning our own soldiers who have been sent to Iraq to either die in the field, or come home and die horrible deaths from either cancerous growths or from Gulf War Syndrome, brought on by deadly and ancient organisms kicked up out of the sands by our bombs and now mixing with the uranium particles floating as dust in the air.


If you think I am exaggerating consider this. One estimate is that to date, we have dumped about 4 million pounds of radioactive uranium metal in Iraq in all of the tank shells, missiles, bombs, and cruise missiles as well as bullets fired into that area. Bombs and shell casings mixed with uranium are ultra hard so they penetrate walls and metal. When they explode, the metal disintegrates, turning into dust. That dust is floating everywhere, getting into the lungs of anybody in the area.


That means everybody, from the insurgents and their families, to Iraqi officials and members of the U. S. military. They are all breathing radioactive uranium dust particles. It is said this dust is so fine it can’t be seen. Yet as little as one gram of it is equal to getting an X-Ray every hour for the rest of a person’s life.


It has been said that the radioactivity of that material will last for an estimated 4 trillion years. The danger is that it can get in the very dust in a person's shoes, or under the vehicles we drive, and get carried for miles into other countries where it will infect others. It can be spread by the wind. Are our bombs infecting the world? See Related Story


Once it is in your lungs the uranium can’t be removed. There is no cure for what is going to happen to the victim. The recipient is going to live a very short life and die a terrible death.


One military observer has calculated that the radiation from 4 billion tons of the radioactive uranium exploded in Iraq since we started this wicked war is equal to 250,000 atomic bombs of the size dropped on Japan at the end of World War II.


This is why I say that we have destroyed Iraq and all of the people in that nation. Mr. Bush used a lie, that Iraq was hiding “weapons of mass destruction” as an excuse to invade that country. Since then he has murdered millions of innocent people. Many of the murder victims have yet to feel the effects of the weapons used upon them.


Yet Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein is going to be tried later this year in a public forum for war crimes. He is being treated as a war criminal because he dared to shoot back when our forces invaded his land.


We suggest that the wrong man is going on trial. The real criminals in this story are Mr. Bush and all of the cronies who put him in office and continue to pull his strings. They include the top military advisors who made the decision to send those spent plutonium bombs and shells into the battlefield.


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