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Bush Succeeds In Wrecking G8 Climate Initiative


By James Donahue

July 8, 2005


Veiled by the story of the terrorist bombing in London and the world-wide campaign for feeding starving children in Africa, US President George W. Bush this week succeeded in blocking the G8 Summit from making any important moves toward controlling the runaway global warming crisis.


The world will be reeling this year from a new round of violent hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, droughts and other radical climate changes generated from the warming land and seas. Yet the leaders of the eight most powerful industrialized nations failed to agree that a problem even exists.


The European nations participating in the Scotland summit are personally alarmed at warnings by scientists who say that the melting Arctic icecaps are causing a slowdown of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. This, in turn, threatens Europe with a possible freeze-over that may begin as early as this year.


Bush, the leader of the largest polluter among all of the industrial countries, claims that he is not convinced that global warming is real.


If the truth were known, Mr. Bush has probably never thought about global warming or its cause. If he has thought about it, he doesn’t care. He is but a spokesperson for the organized criminals operating big industry in America. They bought his presidency and he is serving them well. It is in their best financial interest to stop a global move to force industry to slow down its emissions of greenhouse gasses caused by the burning of carbon fuels.


That he spent time riding a bicycle out of control and accidentally struck and injured a Scottish police officer in the midst of this important summit suggests where Mr. Bush’s mind has been all along.  He is but a fool caught up in the machinery of world affairs.


But fear not. The summit generated a doubling of financial aid to African children, from a massive $25 billion last year to a fantastic $50 billion, so we can expect a bumper crop of new children to feed after crops fail in that stricken area again in the near future. 


It's a return to the old "we feed, they breed" program for the poor and uneducated masses in an already overpopulated world. 


The angelic energies out to destroy the human race must be laughing in their glee at the mass stupidity of mankind. We have walked right into their trap, we are racing like lemmings to extinction, and we think that angel they call Jesus is going to be at the edge of the cliff to catch us.


Surprise everybody. Jesus isn’t going to be there! We believed the lie. We are going to fall all the way into extinction and lose our soul because we didn’t use our heads.


Mr. Bush won’t be long remembered for his folly in Scotland. The way things are going we won’t be around long enough to remember anything.


Enjoy this week’s hurricane America. It is your gift from a dying Earth. There will be many more to follow.

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