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Taking Another Hit

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Terrorism At Home; It Has Begun!


By James Donahue

July 7, 2005


Today’s big terrorist attack at three subway stations and one double decked bus in London, England, has sent shock waves around the world once again.


Stock exchanges are in chaos. Authorities are raising terrorist alerts. People know, if only on a subconscious level, that the thing they feared but dared not believe would happen, is now upon them.


The people of the Middle Eastern nations who have been living under American and English military assaults on their cities are bringing terrorist home to us.


London today. Will it be New York City tomorrow?


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue said in a recent radio message that he sees it coming to America very soon. What is disconcerting is that Donahue and his psychic sister, Jennifer Sharpe, who also has looked at the problem, said they see many bombings and attacks in the U. S. ahead, but they say there will be a major attack that will be worse than 911 because of its effect on the nation and on the world.


Sharpe said this attack, when it happens, “will be life changing. What is coming is really bad,” she said. She also said that she is troubled about this because she believes this attack can be prevented.


“The terrorists could be halted if we would combine our intelligence with the spiritual mind,” Donahue said. “But as a psychic, I know that we will not do this. There will be another attack.”


Donahue warned that the Moslem terrorists will always be successful in their attacks, in spite of America’s increased security, because their religious belief system teaches them to open their spiritual minds. They know where to be and were to strike when authorities are not looking.


Both Donahue and Sharpe said they took a quick look at the next terrorist attack in the United States about three years ago. They said their data was the same. They have not looked for more details for reasons of self preservation. They don’t want authorities thinking they knew too much and then be considered suspects after the attack occurs.


People in authority in the United States do not believe in psychic functioning.


Donahue warned authorities to beef up security in areas of outdated water systems serving large metropolitan areas, oil refineries and harbors where ships bring cargoes of oil and natural gas.


He said terrorists held off an attack on the United States for a while because they noticed how the Bush Administration was using world sympathy and national fear to keep the U. S. attack on the Middle East oil reserves alive.


“But something has happened,” he said. “They are looking at how many of their own people are turning against them and starting to allow the United States to have their oil. This sickens them. So they are going to attack,” Donahue said.


Speaking directly to the terrorists, Donahue said he is revealing this much information in a last ditch attempt to help the United States prepare and possibly head-off the attack because “I don’t like what you are about to do. You don’t change the world with violence. This is wrong,” he said.


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