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Jesus Won’t Return; Karl Rove Won’t Let Him


By James Donahue

June 2005


Not long ago my eye caught a brilliant commentary by Harvey Wasserman suggesting that Jesus would probably be murdered again by Christian inspired government agents if he dared to return from the grave.


Wasserman was correct when he said Christ was a long-haired peace activist who would hate the war in Iraq, would be speaking out against the actions of the contemporary “Christian” right wing, and possibly get himself branded as a terrorist.


“The GOP would never tolerate an upstart like Jesus gathering a following in the face of their corporate-fundamentalist crusade. These are Christians who love power but would despise the actual Christ, just as they love a Zionist Israel but can’t tolerate actual Jews,” he wrote.


“In the wake of Jesus’ exemplary life of non-violent rebellion, a perverse liturgy weighted by twenty centuries of intolerant bloodthirsty bigotry has erupted in his name. Attacks on people of color, on nations with oil, on humans of the same gender who love each other, on youth who enjoy sex, all have become enemies of a new fundamentalist crusade doing in Christ’s name things that would have left him sickened and horrified,” Wasserman said.


This writer so correctly noted that while Christ kicked the money changers out of the temple, the “Rove-DeLay Republicans have enshrined them.”


Indeed, television’s talking heads and the extreme right-wing radio commentators would have a field day destroying Jesus in the eyes of the people. The moment Jesus spoke out against Bush’s war, Rove’s assailants would be spreading the word that Jesus was gay, or that Mary Magdalene was pregnant with Christ’s bastard child.


Wasserman wrote: “Rush Limbaugh would demand to know what right did the self-proclaimed “son of god” had to a relationship out of wedlock. Who was he to feed those loaves and fishes to the undeserving poor, prolonging the existence of inferior racial stock?


”Then (Bill) O’Reilly would slime the Easter thing. A self-anointed “peace prophet” rising from the tomb? Poppycock, he’d say. Just another pinko hippie terrorist conspiracy theory.”


The true irony in the Wasserman piece is found in the line: “if Christ persisted, and built a following like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, well, they’d kill him.”


Indeed, we can add a few other religious movements whose leaders with their members had their lives strangely snuffed out under mysterious circumstances. We can think of Jim Jones (was it really a crazed suicide cult?), David Koresch (burned alive at Waco) and Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate members found neatly dead in their beds).


And you can be assured that the real killers of Jesus would never be known, just as happened the first time. The blame would be placed on the terrorists, a radical cult group, or some patsy who would take the fall. Few people would even recognize that Christ came back. He would probably not get a chance to be heard on public radio or television.


So what has happened to Christianity since the days the cult developed throughout Rome following the murder of Jesus? Very little has changed. It was a faith based on death and suffering from the beginning and that has remained untouched. It was never something Jesus wanted. He would have been appalled at the killing that went on in his name throughout Europe during the Crusades, just as he would be sickened at the killing going on in the Middle East today, also in his name.


The Jesus that once lived among us was an unusually gifted human, undoubtedly sent in an attempt by Lucifer to set the human race on a better path than it was taking at the time. Instead of listening to what Jesus had to say, the masses listened instead to what the angels said about Jesus through the body of Paul, whom they possessed.


Because of Paul, a religious cult was created, making a deity out of Jesus. That cult rose to be one of the most powerful religious movements in the history of the world. It stopped the progress of human evolution for 2000 years.


No, Jesus is not coming back. And even if he did, we can be assured that few would notice, or even care.

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