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Supreme Court Is Wrong In Marijuana Ruling


By James Donahue

May 7, 2005


A ruling this week by the U. S. Supreme Court to allow federal prosecution of medical marijuana users in states where voters have approved marijuana as a medicine to relieve pain and suffering is stirring waves of rebellion across the land.


One by one cancer patients, chronic back pain sufferers and other patients that have found comfort and inexpensive pain relief by smoking and consuming the dried leaves of this marvelous and natural herb of the earth are standing up to announce they will defy the court ruling and continue using marijuana anyway, even if it means going to jail.

"I'm going to have to be prepared to be arrested," said San Francisco’s Diane Monson, who smokes marijuana several times a day to relieve back pain.

"If I stop using cannabis, unfortunately, I would die," said Angel Raich, who estimates her marijuana intake to be about nine pounds a year.

Raich, 39, suffers from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other problems. She said she uses marijuana every few waking hours, on the advice of her doctor who said dozens of other medications were of little help.

Raich and Monson sued the federal government in 2002 after former Attorney General John Ashcroft ruled that federal anti-marijuana law overruled state laws permitting doctors to prescribe the herb as a medicine. reacted to the ruling calling it “Yet another crushing blow against the will of the people, common sense and basic human compassion for the suffering. The Supreme Court revitalizes idiotic illegalities over a plant which has time and again proven to be harmless and medically beneficial.”

That California is one of ten states that have approved medical marijuana and voters in several other states have unsuccessfully attempted to bring this issue to public vote gives some indication as to just how out-of-step judges in the high court are in following the will of the people.


Rather than looking at the facts, or considering the will of voters in the 10 states to use the herb to relieve suffering, the judges in a 6-3 decision ruled that the nonsensical and ineffective “War On Drugs” takes precedence and that anybody, anywhere, and for any reason caught smoking or using marijuana can be prosecuted under federal law.


The court thus is playing right into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry that manufactures and sells high-cost and less effective drugs that attempt to relieve pain and suffering, but at the cost of destroying the liver and kidneys, creating stomach distress, internal bleeding and other side effects that can be worse than the affliction they are being used to treat.


Marijuana has been a known treatment for chronic pain from a variety of afflictions for thousands of years. That the patient, or user, experiences a slight altered state of consciousness from smoking or consuming the herb, but with no proven damaging side effects, has marked marijuana as a banned drug by the Christian controlled boot-jacked state.


A court decision relaxing federal laws against marijuana, and permitting people to use the drug for treatment of pain and nausea, would prove costly to the pharmaceutical people. While the ingredients found in marijuana are processed as pills that can be prescribed by doctors, the herb also can be grown inexpensively in anybody’s back yard, or even as a house plant. Its leaves can be dried, then rolled like tobacco into a form of cigarette and smoked for the same benefits.


This amazing herb has been proven in medical studies to treat pain, nausea, and the anorexia of AIDS wasting. It is found to relax muscular contractions and severe pain in MS patients, and lowers the pressure within the eye for glaucoma patients.


It is time for the insanity of the U.S. War on Drugs to stop. It is time for the Christian controlled government and big business to get out of people’s lives. It is time for Americans to revolt.


There is more to this issue than just the medical benefits the herb provides. There are important spiritual benefits as well.


The other wonderful thing marijuana does for users is help open their third spiritual eye and get a glimpse of what is really controlling the U.S. government. And it isn’t a compassionate grandfather god looking down from above.


This is not a war on drugs at all. It is a war against spiritual awareness. Marijuana allows you to see the spirit world in subtle ways, but it is enough to cause mass hysteria and fear among those who wish to control us spiritually.


If a government can control an individual’s spiritual awareness it can control the very soul, the ultimate seat of power. There is a basic biological drive in all of us to achieve the altered state of consciousness involving our spiritual evolution. Without this evolution we spiritually fall apart and ultimately lose the soul


Marijuana is an excellent means by which an individual can safely achieve this biological requirement. Your government would like to take this away from you and in your spiritual blindness your government can easily control you.


The altered state should not be the subject of government control. It is the individual’s right to achieve spiritual awareness. A government can only be as good as the people it represents. It is therefore up to the people to stand up and revolt against this insane and repressive war on human conscious awareness, spiritual awareness and to the end that a basic biological drive is satisfied.


This is an extremely important issue for all humanity. If we fail to win this spiritual war, and submit to the authority that represents the angelic side, our very soul is at stake.


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