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Rumsfeld’s Singapore Remarks Troublesome


By James Donahue

May 7, 2005


Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld last week faced off against Chinese representatives at a regional security conference in Singapore over China’s alarming military buildup with armaments pointed toward Taiwan.


As if flexing the military muscle of the U.S., Rumsfeld thus signaled a harder military line against China by the Bush Administration.


According to the Associated Press Rumsfeld told the conference that China was not a threat to the United States. And he asked: “Since no nation threatens China, one must wonder: Why this growing investment? Why these continuing large and expanding arms purchases?


“I just look at the significant rollout of ballistic missiles opposite Taiwan, and I have to ask the question: If everyone agrees the question of Taiwan is going to be settled in a peaceful way, why this increase in ballistic missiles opposite Taiwan?” he asked.


According to the AP, Rumsfeld said the Pentagon’s annual assessment of China’s military capabilities indicates China is spending more than its leaders acknowledge and expanding its missile capabilities as well as developing advanced military technology.


He said that China now has the world’s third-largest military budget, only behind the United States and Russia.


Rumsfeld’s remarks were challenged by Cui Tiankai, director of the Asia bureau of China’s foreign ministry, according to an Associated Press report.


The story said that during a question and answer period following the speech, Cui asked: “Do you truly believe that China is under no threat by other countries? Do you truly believe that the U.S. is threatened by the emergence of China?”


To this Rumsfeld answered that he does not think any country threatens China and that the United States does not see China as a threat.


Cui later told the Associated Press that he disagreed with Rumsfeld. He said he thought China was entitled to spend the money necessary in its own defense, just as the United States does.


The tension between Chinese and U.S. representatives at that conference was obvious, and everybody knew that the core of the problem is Taiwan. While Taiwan seeks its own independence, Beijing considers the island as a renegade territory.


China has threatened to attack Taiwan if the island declares its independence. Taiwanese voters last year raised tensions up a notch when they narrowly re-elected President Chen Shui-bian to a second term. Chen has promised to move toward independence from China.


The U. S. involvement in this growing conflict is frightening. President George W. Bush has promised Taiwan that if China attacks, the U. S. will defend the island. The U.S. has been selling Taiwan missiles and other high-tech weapons for its defense against a possible attack by China.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns that this tiny, almost unnoticed problem on the other side of the world, and almost totally ignored by the American media, is so serious it will eventually trigger a world war between China and the U.S.


Donahue also warns that if we get into a war with China, it will escalate into a nuclear conflict, and that in the end, China will win.


Rumsfeld made his remarks during a conference organized by the International Institute of Strategic Studies, a private London-based organization.



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