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Yahweh Is Coming; Hold Onto Your Wallets


By James Donahue

May 29, 2005


There is a promotional story making the media circuit this spring inviting journalists and photographers to show up at Las Vegas between June 1 and July 15 for a most spectacular contact with a real alien craft.


This event is being hosted by a character that calls himself Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, who claims to have the ability to summon UFOs on-demand. He claims he will bring a ship down to “sit in the skies over Las Vegas” for two days sometime during this magical 45-day period.


And get this: For the bargain price of about seven dollars and some cents, you can get a ringside seat. How is that for a classic scam?


Thus we have just one more false prophet clogging the media world with crazed stories of alien communications and landings at a time when the Luciferian Order is working hard to bring about the real thing.


The last one to make such a promise was the guy named Kreskin, a self-proclaimed “mentalist” who told everybody he would bring a “sighting of UFOs” to the night sky over Las Vegas in June, 2002. It didn’t happen.


Even remote viewing guru Ed Dames is getting in the act. Dames promised Coast to Coast radio listeners last year that he has been working on something he calls Project Stargate, which is an attempt communicate with an alien craft and eventually make contact.


These are but the first of the false prophets appearing as the time the real Luciferian contact draws closer says psychic Aaron C. Donahue. Donahue is working hard to get the Luciferian Order established through his Internet web site and radio show. The angelic energies are working hard to confound the minds of the masses into a stupor by using the old “boy who cried wolf” trick.


Troublesome is that so many false reports are being made by would-be con artists or crazed UFO fanatics. After enough of these people make complete fools of themselves, it will be harder for the Luciferians to convince anyone that there can` be a real contact.


Even more problematic is that this real contact is vital to the ability of the human race to survive the looming death of our planet.


Odd that the predicted UFO sightings are all predicted to occur in the skies over the glitter-gambling capital Las Vegas, Nevada. Dames’ Stargate project isn’t supposed to be in Nevada, but at some ancient ruins in nearby New Mexico.


Donahue says all predictions of sightings in the United States are wrong. He said contact, when it is made, will not be in this country. And more than a craft hovering in the sky for a while under a gawking crowd of assembled followers, the Luciferian contact may include a real confrontation between humans and Lucifer.


Donahue said he has personally had contact with aliens, and been abducted to alien ships. He said it was not a pleasant experience. None of Aaron’s contacts were made at his beaconing call. They happened unexpectedly.


He says the human meeting with Lucifer will be very private and will not involve governments, scientists or the military. There may not be any media in attendance. But it will be one of the most important events in the human experience. As it was with Noah, so it will be with those that appear for our next appointment with this powerful race of aliens.


This Prophet Yahweh, who has taken an old Hebrew name for God, claims that he has had more than 1,500 UFO encounters since 1979, and has learned how to signal them on demand. But all of the contacts have been private, with only friends and close associates as witness.


His encounter during the period of June and July will be the first time he is showing his abilities to the world, the news release states. He claims he uses telepathy to contact the aliens in the ships.  


What Yahweh doesn’t seem to know is that nearly all, if not all of the UFOs that we see, are empty. They are remote controlled craft busy searching the planet for any sign of intelligent life. Unfortunately, very little exists.



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