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Iraqi Antiquity Destruction Confirmed


By James Donahue

May 2005


Concerns that the Bush Administration’s rush to bomb Baghdad would cause the loss of important clues as to the real origins of the human race are now confirmed.


A story in the UK Independent reports that half of the 40 iconic items and another 8,000 looted items, many from important archaeological sites including Nimrud and Babylon, are still missing following a sacking of the Iraq National Museum within hours after that city fell.


U.S. and British forces that stormed Baghdad did little to protect the museum from vandalism. In fact, soldiers returning from the war are being caught smuggling some of the priceless relics out of the country, the story said.


Early reports by military commanders that most all of the stolen items were recovered and that they had been held by locals for safekeeping, were incorrect. That many are back in the hands of the museum are the result of careful detective work.


John Curtis, of the British Museum, said about 4,000 objects were recovered in Iraq. Another 2,000 were confiscated in the United States, 500 pieces were impounded in France, 250 in Switzerland and 200 in Jordan.


Artifacts found in Syria, Kuwait, Iran and Turkey are yet to be returned to the museum, Curtis said.


Many of the lost items are feared destroyed.


The tragedy of this is that the proof of ancient alien contact, and contemporary human links to alien genetic manipulation, is believed to have been stored in that museum. The sacking of the museum and the City of Baghdad by the angelic/Christian driven Bush Administration has been a vicious assault on humanity at a key moment in time.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has warned that there is a need for humans to shake off their dependence on angelic-inspired archaic religious systems and turn to a real spiritual path in preparation for contact. The land where forces bombed is considered hallowed ground because it is the heart of the Fertile Crescent, the place of human origin.


Without the genetic proof of our origins it will be harder to convince people that Donahue’s story is correct, that Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race.


He says contact is necessary soon so that a remnant of the human race can escape our dying planet. Failure to make this contact will mean the extinction of all humans as the planet dies under our feet.


Proof of our dying planet can be seen in the erratic weather, melting ice caps, dying wildlife, dying oceans and destruction of the planet’s protective ozone layer. Greenhouse gasses are now heating the planet to a point where all life will perish. Some scientists are already concerned that the heating cannot be reversed.


Donahue says the death of the planet will bring the death of the human soul.


That we allowed our military to destroy the Cradle of Civilization with heavy bunker bombs tipped with radiated metal is bleak. Not only have our leaders condemned themselves to a spiritual judgment of inexplicable horror, they have committed all of mankind into this black pit with them.

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