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Hitler Was Within Days Of Having A-Bomb


By James Donahue

May 2005


The world is only now beginning to learn just how close Nazi Germany was to having the atomic bomb before allied forces brought that war to a crushing end.


We have all heard through books and even a dramatic Hollywood film production how allied forces raided and eventually bombed the notorious Vemork hydroelectric plant in Norway, where German scientists were known to be experimenting with “heavy water” in their rush to develop and build the bomb.


It was thought that the Vemork project was successful knocked out of commission in 1943 and that work on the bomb was stopped at that point.


Now a new book by German historian Rainer Karlsch discloses that near the end of the war in Europe, during the winter of 1944-45, nuclear weapons were actually being tested on a Baltic Sea island and Thuringia, central Germany, under the supervision of the SS.


Karlsch says Hitler actually had a working A-Bomb at the time allied forces were blazing their way across France and Germany on their way to Berlin, and Russian forces were approaching from the East. All the German forces needed was a way to drop and detonate it from the air and the tide of the war might have been turned overnight.


The balance of the war was that close right up until the end.


We all know that scientists were working feverishly on the same project in the United States at about the same time, but we did not have a successful bomb in operation until later in 1945 when we used it on Japan to stop the war in the pacific.


Hitler was one step ahead of us. Had it not been for the extreme bravery of the spies and the saboteurs that found out about the experiments in Vemork and then wrecked the plant in a series of daring raids, Hitler would have had the atomic bomb in time to win the war.


In retrospect, it is difficult to say just how the world would have fared under Nazi and Imperial Japanese rule had the allies lost that war. In the long run, knowing how America misused the power it gained following that war, we must wonder if it would have made much difference at all.


Both Germany and Japan have grown to be important progressive nations and centers for industrial, technological and political leadership. America, on the other hand, has fallen into the hands religious controlled fanatics with a war machine that has turned us into a world bully. We have become, in a sense, a fascist regime acting almost no differently than Hitler would have acted had he won the war. It just took us a little longer to get started.


Like Hitler, who dreamed of an Arian race of super humans in control of the world, the Bush Administration in Washington wants to spread democracy throughout the world, even if it is done by force.

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