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Inbreeding Is Continuing To Weaken Human DNA


By James Donahue

May 2005


A study by a research team at University of Sussex, UK, has suggested that forced inbreeding among humans in the distant past damaged the DNA code and made us all vulnerable to genetic disease.


A report published in New Science said the team compared samples from the genomes of more than 1000 people with those of chimpanzees to determine the extent of genetic mutation since these two species diverged from a common hominid ancestor about six million years ago.


Comparisons were made with another closely related pair of mammals, rats and mice.


It was discovered that the rodents had a much better success rate of keeping the DNA line strong and devoid of negative mutations. Both chimps and humans have emerged as being more susceptible to diseases like cancer, diabetes and mental illness.


The theory is that there was some kind of evolutionary bottleneck, or mass extinction that nearly wiped out the hominid ancestor to both species. Consequently the process of pruning damaging mutations by way of natural selection of the fittest mates was reduced, the report said.


Adam Eyre-Walker, a member of the Sussex research team, noted that these kinds of genetic problems linked to inbreeding can accelerate extinction. But he noted that something happened to the human DNA that he identified as “a few advantageous mutations” like large brains and the development of language (Luciferian intervention?), seems to have saved us from the inevitable.


Eyre-Walker said the selective pressures are less severe in today’s world because of the huge expansion of global population and improved healthcare that helps people with defective genes participate in society and have children.


That we are allowing people with genetic defects to breed is a black mark in the human lifeline, however. It means that humans are collectively accepting defective genetic information to spread throughout our numbers. We have chosen to hide the defects through advanced science and medicine and they are being passed on through children and grandchildren and careless breeding practices.


German dictator Adolf Hitler understood this problem and attempted to make corrections by advancing what he termed the Arian race of people. That the Nazis chose to resolve this problem through the mass extermination of the misfits and other races of people was too radical for its time, however, and helped lead to Hitler’s downfall. Yet he was on the right track.


There has been another social practice over the years which also intensified the problem of impure genetic bloodlines in humans. Because of religious taboos prohibiting freedoms in sexual behavior, many men living in predominately Christian countries have entertained a secret practice of “sleeping around” and often fathering secret children by other men’s wives, sometimes within a few miles of their own home.


In recent years, it has not been uncommon for men to father children by their own daughters.


Because these “discretions” are usually kept secret, and because abortion until only a few years ago was prohibited by the church and by law, they could not be erased. Thus it has been common for the children of the same father to marry and have children of their own. Needless to say this is intensifying the problem of genetic damage through contemporary inbreeding.


The rise in the number of mentally impaired and genetically damaged children throughout regions of the United States in the last century suggests that the problem of mistaken inbreeding has been severe. Yet it is a problem that few, if any, sociologists are daring to look at. 


The genetic destruction going on under the fog of religious doctrine and political shame may be more horrible than we dare to imagine.

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