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Binding Cheerleaders – New Levels Of Religious Insanity


By James Donahue

May 2005


The Texas legislators are considering a bill that would ban “sexually suggestive” performances in school functions.


The bill is primarily aimed at cheerleaders who go through some elaborate gymnastics on the sidelines of football and basketball athletic events while barely dressed in outfits that reveal more skin than those grumpy Christian-oriented old codgers at the capital think the public has a right to see.


The legislators also appear to be singling out the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who have made a name for themselves because of their suggestive moves, white boots and low cut tops that make halftime events at the games worth hanging around to watch.


If they are successful in getting this bill into law, the Texas legislators may launch a movement that will have harsh repercussions in high schools and colleges all across the land.


At issue are not only the dance routines but the exposed midriffs and short skirts that have been the trademark of cheerleading since the game of football was first invented. One politician promoting the bill said the antics by the cheerleaders looked to him like something out of a strip club.




I wonder if this man has ever been to a strip club to see what goes on there so he could make a real comparison.


I know that the art of cheerleading has become a national sport that rivals most of the other athletic events going on in our schools and colleges. Not every applicant for a cheerleading post makes the grade and only the best are allowed to join the “first-string” squad that fans get to see during the games.


The precision actions and intricate movements of a row of cheerleaders working in unison is no less stringent than a line of high steppers in a Broadway musical. It takes hours of practice to get good enough. And the skimpy clothing is mandatory if these young athletes expect to show any form and grace, or make some of their moves without the encumbrance of binding clothing.


Without the freedom of movement, it would be like swimming in competition while fully clothed.


Banning the moves and forcing the cheerleaders to cover their bodies would not only destroy the performance, but remove much of much of the color that is part of the game.


After all, everything about a football game is sexually suggestive. The male football players are wearing skin-tight covering that reveals their form with the protective gear giving them excessively broad shoulders, and over their penis and testicles exaggerating their “manhood” in less than subtle ways.


The game itself is an ancient play of male prowess designed to let the women on the sidelines see how brave, powerful and protective each player might be as a future mate.


It is only fitting that the women have a chance to do their sideline dance of sensual beauty, signaling their own personal call to the nest.


It is all part of the contemporary mating ritual that takes many forms during the educational years of our youth.


For the Christian fuddy-duddies in the state capital to stop this healthy and natural behavior, in the name of Jesus, would be a real sin. It also would be one more serious assault on women.


“The word of Sin is Restriction, O Man!” Liber al Vel Legis 1:41



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