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Viewers Turning Away From Standard News Sources


By James Donahue

May 2005


When Psychic Aaron C. Donahue makes a prediction on his weekly radio show, it is often so timely that his words seem to be making things happen in front of our eyes.


His statements in recent weeks that Internet radio and news websites are quickly replacing newspapers and nightly television news as the preferred choice by the youth is already becoming alarmingly evident.


Two major news stories within recent days revealed that not only television network news stations, but major U. S. newspapers are losing viewers and readers at an alarming rate.


The situation is so grim for the television networks that viewers seem to be turning away from them in major numbers. The three nightly newscasts have seen ratings decline by 34 percent in the past decade, nearly 44 percent since 1980, and 59 percent from their peak in 1969, the report said.


Also a new report from Associated Press states that American newspapers are experiencing one of their worst declines in readership ever. The story said circulation fell 1.9 percent at major U.S. newspapers in a six-month period ending in March. Newspaper circulation has been on a general decline since 1984, and has suffered mostly in recent years due competition by cable television and the Internet, the story said.


The problem isn’t just that there is competition, but there is a growing distrust in the established media which has been scooped up in recent years by big corporate conglomerates and consequently sold to big business interests. These new owners are interested in profits first, and news is only of secondary concern. If the news conflicts with the interest of the profit margin, then the story is altered or discarded.


Not only that, but big media chains have clearly sold their souls to government. Instead of being watchdogs of government, they have been turned into controlled voices for government interests. Thus the real news of corruption in high places, threats of global war and pollution of the planet threatening the very extinction of all life, is getting swept under the carpet. In its place we find the daily soap opera of runaway brides, abducted children and the president’s continued war on terror.


We can still get this news if we search for it on the World Wide Web, which seems to be the only place where government, big business and the FCC can’t get their grubby hands on the control buttons. The web is an international monster and cannot be stopped by the action of any one government.




Donahue warns that there is already a concerted effort by the media and government interests in the United States to demonize the Internet. It is being blamed for such things as dangerous websites that promote Nazism, teach people how to make home-made bombs, and pollute the minds of millions through raw pornography that becomes so addictive, people must seek psychiatric help to escape from it.


Donahue, who is shocking the world with his new Luciferian Radio program, predicts that the day will soon come when his show will be blocked in America. He asks his viewers to fight to prevent it, and use the precious time they have left to learn all they can from his lectures.


His message, that we have destroyed our planet and must now take drastic measures to give ourselves enough time to arrange for the escape of a select few through contact with the alien race that put us here in the first place, is getting the attention of millions of listeners from an estimated 80 countries all over the world.


While the number of listeners is growing by amazing rates overseas, Donahue said Americans are turning him off and turning away from Luciferian Radio.


That is a mistake, Donahue warns.


“You only turn your back on Lucifer once,” he said.

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