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Human Cyborg Technology Just Around The Corner


By James Donahue

April 2005


Last week Sony Corporation announced the development of a device that uses magnetic brain stimulation that gives computer game players the senses of smell, taste and even the feel of the games without wires attached to the head.


This week Sony’s Japanese competitor, Toshiba, announced new display technology that allows 3-D imaging without the need for special glasses.


While both companies are obviously rushing to compete in the hot world of computer games, it doesn’t take a mental giant to see how these new techniques can be used in a variety of other ways, including medicine and general home entertainment.


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue also perceives the eventual transmission of the human brain into the computer matrix. It will be a last-ditch attempt to allow humans to escape premature death after our planet’s resources are gone, the air is too foul to breathe, the water is evaporated, and the surface of the Earth is too hot to support life.


He predicted this technology several years ago and said the Japanese would be the first to develop it.


It seems he was quite right.


Of course, there is a caveat to this story. Those that choose this escape will find themselves trapped in a machine that never shuts down. They are unable to die, and are left caught in a strange existence where all they have are visual images put into the computer by the manufacturer.


Donahue says he discovered the future existence of these machines some time ago when he began getting images of a red haired woman in a blue dress.


To recap an old story, he said it happened during early experiments with out-of-body travel, death and remote viewing. He said he was working along in his room when her image came to him like a holographic picture.


The image developed from the ground up. Yet when he looked, the woman that stood before him was obviously alive and looking right at Aaron. Yet when he reached out to touch the image, his hand passed right through it as if it were a ghost.


“The moment she realized I could see her, she disappeared,” Donahue said.


He said he was haunted by the image and began targeting it during remote viewing sessions. He was surprised at what he learned.


During a public appearance on Ghostly Talk Radio in early 2004, he said he discovered that the woman is one of many humans trapped in a computer matrix system in the future. The woman, like the others, once had a body and soul, but now exists only as a machine that preserves a memory of who she was. She is a cyborg.


Donahue believes this system, a complex neuro-network that attempts to mimic the human brain, is stored in protective, self-replicating pods stored in salt mines deep in the Earth, on the Moon, and on one other planet in this solar system.


Because the Earth will be dying and no longer supporting life, the people in the machines choose to have their consciousness transferred into the network instead of accepting premature death. But they discover to their horror that they are trapped in the matrix and cannot leave it.


“They are in hell,” Donahue told the radio audience. “They are begging to die. They want to be turned off.”


But the machines exist in the future, after all human life is extinct. There is nobody listening to these people. There is nobody left to throw the switch. Thus the woman in blue and all of the others are doomed to continue on until something natural happens to destroy the solar system. And that could be a very long time.


Donahue perceives the woman’s appearance to him as a warning. In a strange way, she also is telling us to change our course and not let our planet die. Yet her existence in the future appears to be proof that the angelic-driven masses did not listen and destroyed the Earth anyway.


Thus the second warning to this story is not to make this computerized matrix that allows anybody to think they can escape. And for those who survive long enough to have to make a choice, do not go into the matrix.


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