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Pope Benedict XVI: Hard Line Conservative


By James Donahue

April 19, 2005


The pendulum has now swung to the far right. The first Roman Catholic conclave of the new millennium has chosen Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, a “hard-line guardian of conservative doctrine,” to succeed Pope John Paul II as head of the church.


Thus the Catholic Church, following in the movement that swept across the United States, has chosen to remain transfixed in the ultra conservative side of archaic religious principles.


Expect nothing changed in Roman Catholicism. Catholics all over the world will still be prohibited from practicing birth control, big families will be encouraged in an already overpopulated and stressed world, and millions of women will remain trapped in the yoke of an unbalanced social structure that puts the control of government and society firmly in the hands of the men.


And why are we not surprised?


What would have caused us to believe that all-male conclave of crimson-robed cardinals would have given one thought to the rights of the women in that church? Who would have thought that they might have had a spiritual eye toward a need for a balanced Earth?


All of them, chosen bachelors, many of them likely supporting the evil practice of pedophilia, are obviously possessed by angelic spirits that have no love for the human race.


Thus the world moves one further step backward into the dark ages. This is but one more terrible milestone our society has blindly taken toward its own horrific destruction.


All the more reason that the rise of the new Luciferian movement is so important at this time in human history. Without it, humanity would not only face extinction, but we would all be threatened with the very loss of our soul within the dying Mother Earth.


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