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No Gold Again – But Oh My, What Dames Is Up To Now!


By James Donahue

April 10, 2005


Remote viewing instructor Ed Dames returned to the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast radio show April 10 with a line of new predictions of horrific events bearing down on mankind, but no gold in his pocket.


Dames now claims he will be making “contact” with an alien race of beings somewhere on the North American continent in August, 2005. He says he believes the contact is a last ditch attempt by the aliens, who “act as a sort of control system for things that happen on this planet,” to head of a catastrophic nuclear war.


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue has repeatedly stated that no contact will occur in North America. “It is up to mankind to head off a war,” Donahue said. “Ed’s rendition of an alien race is ridiculous.”


What Dames seems to be doing is getting in the way of Donahue’s work in establishing a Luciferian Order and possibly even trying to sabotage this important spiritual movement. Almost in the same breath, Dames publicly proclaimed that he is a Christian.


Donahue is teaching that a Luciferian race of aliens is the progenitor of the human race and that a group of humans need to get organized to call upon this race for contact if a remnant of humanity hopes to escape a series of looming cataclysmic events that will bring the extinction of all life.


Instead of a group of humans following Donahue’s Luciferian Order in mental and spiritual preparation for making contact with Lucifer, Dames appears to be trying to accomplish this fete on his own. He is apparently doing it with a rag-tag team of researchers and photographers standing in the wilderness with him. We think he is opening himself up for the biggest crash of his career.


Is this angelic-inspired character trying to make a mockery of the Luciferian story?


Dames announced that he and several “prominent” but unnamed scientists and a noted film maker, also unnamed, plan to privately make contact with an alien race somewhere on the North American continent in August. The media will not be invited.


“We are talking about face-to-face contact. This intelligence is non-human. I am not even sure it is humanoid. This may be a civilization that developed millions of years before ours,” Dames told the radio listeners.


Interesting that Dames’ statement supports a lot of Donahue’s story, without compromising his personal religious links that make him acceptable for continued appearances on public radio shows. Donahue, who proclaims that Christianity is a dying religion that needs to be trashed, and says he is a Luciferian, has been blackballed from public radio.


Donahue has opened his own Internet radio show, at, which airs every Sunday.


The silver-tongued Mr. Dames also bragged about his “possible hit” when he predicted a second major earthquake to strike the fault line running through Indonesia, even though he was 2000 miles off target. Dames explained that pinpointing events like earth plate movements deep under the sea is difficult for even the most skilled remote viewers, but that they knew it was going to be somewhere in the area.


Dames renewed his predictions for a solar kill shot that will wipe out half of the world’s population, and a world economic collapse, and suggested once again that Planet X was on its way into our solar system to raise havoc.


Donahue has publicly stated that none of these events will happen.


This time, Dames added some new horrors to his list of looming events.


He said he now sees a super volcanic eruption in November, 2005, on Mt. Tarawera, on New Zealand’s central North Island. This quake will be a killer that will claim a lot of lives and he warned people to get out of the area before it happens.


A lot of people sold their homes and moved to places like Whitefish, Montana, because of earlier predictions by Dames that the world was going to end. The Montana site was listed as one of Dames’ sanctuaries. His prediction then disrupted a lot of lives.


Dames also said November and December, 2005, will be the beginning of events leading to what he said would be “the end of life on Earth as we know it.”


He predicted a major meteor shower that would “bring down” the NASA space shuttle, knock several commercial and government satellites out of the sky, and possibly bring down the International Space Station. After this, Dames said the kill shot from the sun would occur.


Even though his promotional material offers a new DVD that teaches people how to win three-digit state lotteries, Dames did not promote this tape on Bell’s show. He promoted the other DVDs, however.


Could it be that he backed off on this assault on Donahue’s work after our story yesterday called him on it?


Dames can’t see lottery numbers. His students can’t see lottery numbers. And Dames knows it. It has taken Donahue nearly a decade of intense work to reach a point where he can do this. He believes he may be the only human on the planet that can see future numbers.


As for the gold bars that Dames promised to bring to Bell’s back door in December, 2004, and again before this show, it didn’t happen. He did not explain why an amazing new technique developed by partner Brent Miller to locate objects and people still isn’t working as well as he claimed it would.


He said he would bring the gold in June, when he returns once again to the show. We will be keeping our readers abreast of this and all of the other ridiculous predictions that Dames is making.




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