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Ed Dames Is Back . . . Is It Lottery Gold This Time?


By James Donahue

April 8, 2005


Remote Viewing instructor Ed Dames is returning to Art Bell’s weekend version of Coast-to-Coast radio Saturday night and Sunday morning. We suspect it is for business reasons. He needs to sell more of his remote viewing CDs.


Reading from the show promotion, Dames now has three different kinds of remote viewing instructional CDs to sell. His newest one explains how to win a three-digit lottery draw. When has Dames ever proven that he can do this?


His only proof is Mary and Cherise Rivera, a Texas mother and daughter, who Dames claims were remote viewing students who used the information they learned to win the three-digit lottery in their state on two different occasions. As far as we know, they have not made consecutive wins, and are not making a living on the lottery.


By comparison, Donahue has won the three-digit lottery for six consecutive days when he posted the winning numbers on his website in advance of every draw. Since then he has done the same thing with the four-digit lottery on two consecutive nights, also posting the winning numbers in advance of the drawing.


This writer has personally used the old system of remote viewing, still taught by Dames, to win the three-digit lottery on more than one occasion but never in succession. It was hard work, and never produced enough exact data to always assure a win. We know of other viewers who have done as well. We did not brag about what we did because it was not good enough.


So far, we have not heard how many times Mr. Dames has personally remote viewed winning lottery numbers. And we have not seen any proof that he or any of his other students can do this. Until there is proof, we suggest that buying his tapes is a waste of money.


After years of work, Aaron has developed skills beyond simple remote viewing. In fact, Donahue claims that remote viewing is an old and archaic system that was only supposed to be a rung in a ladder for people to use to achieve advanced states of right brain functioning.


Donahue has advanced from remote viewing into something completely different. He plans to publish a book that will offer a simplified and tested version of this technique that anybody can use to win three-digit lotteries.


Donahue also says he occasionally publishes winning state lottery numbers on his website before drawings. He wants to eventually expand it to include various states. Visitors to his site are welcome to bet on the posted numbers if they live in the chosen state. The numbers are offered without charge.


When he last appeared on Art Bell’s show on Jan. 1, Dames said his secret new formula for locating gold, developed by his sidekick Brent Miller, didn’t work quite as well as he thought it would. But he promised to have gold by the time he appears this time.


We do not believe this will happen. Expect the silver-tongued Mr. Dames to talk his way around his failure to find gold, find missing people, or do anything better than forecast a major March earthquake along an active Indonesian fault line. He said it would hit the same place where the December 26 quake touched off a killer tsunami. He missed by 2,000 miles but is crowing about it anyway.


If there is any gold involved in this week’s Coast-to-Coast appearance, it will be the cash Dames receives from the sale of his tapes and CDs. And they are not cheap.


Why are we devoting so much time attacking Ed Dames you might ask? Because Dames is filling a radio slot that he does not deserve. We charge that Dames cannot deliver the goods. His 2,000-mile-off “hit” on the latest Indonesian quake is the best Dames has done since Donahue left his side over a year ago. Prior to that, Dames rode to fame and even some fortune on Donahue’s work, but never gave Donahue any credit.


As an example of what we are saying, Dames is filling listeners ears with fearful and false predictions about killer solar flares, a tilting Earth, a North Korean nuclear attack that launches World War III and a Planet X flyby that alters our solar system.


Donahue, the real psychic in the field, says none of these things are going to happen.


 “Ed can try but he’ll never be in my league,” Donahue said. “He doesn’t have my talent. Because of people like Ed Dames my talents are wasted. In today’s Christian media I am censored the world over.”


Worse yet, Dames’ efforts to use his archaic method of remote viewing to make sensational predictions and make a living selling his CDs are giving remote viewing and psychic functioning a bad name.


Listen to Ed try to be Aaron tonight. He has done it in every show. Then listen to Donahue’s “RadioAaron” show on Sunday and get the real story. Go to his website at to find the link. The show starts at 11 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Eastern, and there is no charge. All shows are archived for later listening.

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