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The Sick American Culture Of Pain And Suffering


By James Donahue

April 2005


Most people glancing at the headline might think that perhaps this article is about the discovery of some new hooded religious cult that meets secretly under the light of bonfires and the full moon. Not so.


We are looking at the Christian controlled religious system and all of the many effects it has had on our society in which we live and die.


Nothing has emphasized this sickness more than the story that has been capturing our attention of late, the slow and agonizing death by starvation of Terri Schaivo in a Florida hospice care facility. That such an act could be forced upon anybody . . . even a zombified human corpse like Ms. Schaivo . . . and by a series of court orders, is difficult for any rational person to believe. Yet it happened before the eyes of the family, the media and the world.


That the Schaivo death was turned into a media circus is yet another glimpse of our sick society. Ever since the sensational O. J. Simpson murder trail, Americans have been glued to their televisions through countless other high profile murder cases where television cameras either get into the courtrooms, or reporters rush to the camera every hour with up-to-the-minute reports on every graphic detail of the case.


After years of reporting Circuit and District Court criminal cases, I can tell you from first-hand experience, that the details can get bloody at times. Nothing is left to the imagination.


There seems to be a perverted interest in this kind of thing these days.


We enjoy the trials, and we like to hear about the prisoners in death row at our state and federal prisons waiting the long days before they are put to death.


Where is the benevolent spirit that is supposed to come into a person that turns to a so-called life in Christ?


That Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the man who had the answer to providing terminal patients with a peaceful and comfortable transition from this existence to the next, is rotting in a Michigan prison cell for assisted suicide is yet another example of the twisted thinking in America.


Our laws and our leaders seem to think letting the elderly and terminally ill lie suffering in a slow and agonizing death is better than easing them out with comfort and dignity. We have forgotten that our doctors take an oath to ease pain and suffering, but not necessarily to prolong life at all cost.


The so-called War on Drugs on America has expanded from the usual suspects, heroin, cocaine and marijuana, to pain medications and even many over-the-counter antihistamines that can be used to make crystal methamphetamine. The hysteria is so loud that anybody in severe pain and needing relief has a tough time finding a doctor to write a script for anything more powerful than codeine or codeine mixed with other over-the-counter pain pills. And when the pain goes beyond the mere head or toothache, these things don’t begin to provide relief.


Those that go to church worship the murder of a Christ figure. They spend their lives not worrying about preserving the Earth for future generations, or preserving the soul within, but preparing for a life in the hereafter. But there is a fear factor involved in this religion. Those that fail to quite make the grade . . . that commit a mystery “unpardonable sin” so to speak, spend an eternity burning in hell with the fallen angels. Thus Christians are quite preoccupied with walking a straight and narrow path and never allowing their minds to explore new ideas or challenges to their “faith.”


The hard-line fundamentalists have taken over our government. Consequently there is a move afoot to bring back the death penalty in all state and federal prisons, to bring back a ban on abortions and force prisoners . . . especially drug offenders . . . to “get religion” by attending government-forced religious rehabilitation programming.


The Christians believe that only by accepting the angelic possessing energy they call “Jesus” can an evil-doer be truly rehabilitated to live in their society.


There also appears to be a perverted mindset in America that the HIV virus that brings on AIDS is a judgment by God on homosexuals and drug addicts and that when they acquire this terrible fatal disease they are getting what they disserve.


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue recently burned a remote viewed cure for AIDS. He posted the news of his discovery on his website and announced it over the radio, and gave a 30-day time limit for anyone to respond. There was not a single request for more information or details about this cure. On the 30th day, Donahue photographed himself digging a hold in the snow and then burning a manila folder filled with papers he said was a “surprising” solution to the AIDS epidemic now sweeping the world.


Why was there no response? He said it stemmed from a Christian centered fear of Lucifer. “They are waiting for superman to come down and save them,” he told his listening audience about the Christian culture he is dealing with. “So the cure is gone. I burned it. Now when I see someone dying from full blown AIDS, I will know that it was meant to be. This is a prejudice and spiritual ignorance. They can’t get past the fact that I am a Luciferian.”


Donahue then said: “We are a society that worships suffering and death. Look at all of the young men volunteering for the Army.”


He did not say it, but I believe Donahue was thinking of America’s involvement in an unnecessary war in the Middle East. For the first time, the United States attacked another country and to date has sent over 1,500 young men and women off to die, and another 11,400 to come back maimed and broken from injuries sustained in battle.


Instead of resisting the insanity, this war has been strongly supported by people on the home front. The soldiers themselves are proclaiming that they believe what they are doing is patriotic and in defense of their country.


They have bought the propaganda. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are giving their lives and their blood for control of what is left of the most valuable of natural resources . . . crude oil.


If we have allowed ourselves to sink this deep into old, long forgotten images of the dark ages, can witch hunts, public executions and book burnings be far behind?  

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