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The Russian Pill That Prolongs Drunkenness


By James Donahue

April 2005


When I first read about it, the concept of the Russian invention of RU-21 Red, a pill that creates excessive and longer durations of drunkenness on less alcohol, seemed like a total waste of somebody’s time. Why would anybody want such a product?


But then, the millions if not billions that enjoy the altered state of consciousness that alcohol brings might ask, why not?


Certainly the Russians, who are known to like their Vodka, might appreciate a pill like RU-21 Red that prolongs the light-headed and generally disoriented sensation that comes at the onset of drunkenness. In my wild college years, when the price of a beer or two was about all that I could shake from my nearly empty pockets, I might have appreciated a pill that prolonged the effect of the few drinks that I could afford.


Make no mistake, tipplers drink for one reason only . . . that is to reach an altered state of consciousness. Unfortunately, this particular altered state, while allowed by law, is neither good for the body nor the soul.


Not only does RU-21 Red keep you in a state of drunkenness longer, it is said to actually enhance the effect of intoxication, according to a spokesman for Spirit Sciences, a California laboratory involved in the development of this product.


The Russian based firm also markets RU-21, an anti-oxidant that supposedly rids the body of the harmful by-products of prolonged alcohol consumption and eases hangovers as well as damage to the body. We doubt if it shields the thousands of precious brain cells eradicated by a night of heavy drinking, however.


RU-21 Red apparently came along as an accidental discovery. It contains grapevine extracts the company claims slows down the oxidation of alcohol, thus keeping the user drunk.


Fortunately, the company says it has no plans to market this product in the United States. This will probably be good news to the police and court workers who already have an overload of drug and alcohol related cases to contend with on their daily dockets.


The sad side to this story is that because of the strict drug laws, many people in this world are forced to resort to alcohol to reach any kind of an altered state. Also alcohol is proven to be among the more addictive drugs a body can turn to.


But they turn to alcohol and all of the illegal drugs, often spending money marked for food and rent, just to get them.  


Luciferian Aaron C. Donahue says there is a natural desire by people to achieve an altered state of consciousness. There seems to be a calling for an awakening of the brain and the human evolution into the full potential that we were meant to achieve.


Donahue, who claims that an alien race manipulated our DNA many thousands of years ago and created the human race, says we were supposed to have achieved a complete uniting of our bicameral brains by now. It was intended that the left and right hemispheres of our brains would be working in perfect harmony, thus expanding our mental capabilities to include psychic, telepathic and spiritual awareness of the universe.


Had we taken this natural path, we would not need the effects of the so-called psychedelic drugs, hard drugs or alcohol to enjoy a constant state of consciousness. It would be something we could enjoy every natural hour of every day.


Many of the natural plants of the world, including the poppy, cocoa and cannabis, plus various mushrooms are known to contain natural and harmless chemicals that provide the altered state of consciousness we all seek. Donahue believes they were gifts from the alien progenitor, left on Earth as tools to help us evolve.


Unfortunately, the angelic-controlled religious dictated governments have been working hard to not only make consumption of these drugs illegal, but to eradicate them from the planet.


That the brain destroying alcohol is about the only legal substance left for people in many parts of the world to legally consume is obviously by design.


Donahue is working to develop a way to bring people to a safe and legal altered state through certain musical tones, colors and personal meditation. He believes his program, involving live concerts all over the world, will be a way to wake up the youth and get their brains functioning in the way it was meant to be.


In the meantime, we always have RU-21 Red to keep us drunk longer on alcohol and kill as many brain cells as possible. It is a sad state of affairs, indeed. 

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