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Iraq War Setting Stage For Crushing US Defeat In Final World Conflict


By James Donahue

March 2005


America is being drained of its manpower and resources in an unnecessary and unending guerilla war in Iraq and Afghanistan while events are unfolding in the Far East that threaten to spark the final world conflict.


As China sets the stage for a showdown over efforts by Taiwan to separate as part of that nation, the United States is already involved because we have sold high-tech military arms to Taiwan. Also President George W. Bush has pledged to defend Taiwan if China attacks.


He may live to eat those words.


China’s parliament enacted a law earlier this month authorizing force to stop Taiwan from pursuing formal independence. The move might be compared to the action the U. S. Congress took when the Confederate States declared themselves independent thus sparking the great Civil War.


The world has changed since that time, nearly 150 years ago. Today American business has strong ties to Taiwan. There is enough money involved there to force the Bush Administration to step in with force the moment Chinese troops attack the island.


While Americans have been blindly attacking invisible targets and spending military energy in the Middle East during a senseless War On Terror, the Chinese have been slowly building a massive military force that may soon be reckoned with. Its submarine fleet, including many vessels purchased from Russia, may be as good if not as advanced as our own, complete with missile-launching capabilities. China also is a nuclear force, and its military has long-range missile launching weaponry, with technologies stolen directly from under the U.S. nose during the Clinton years.


China also is drawing a line in the sand in the Middle East at the Iranian border. Both China and Russia are silently backing the Iranian build-up of nuclear capabilities and may stand behind Iran if and when the day comes when the U.S. turns its forces from Baghdad East to Teheran.


Thus our front in this new threat of a global war is two-fold. And it is more deadly than many Americans might expect.


Lead by a president with Armageddon on his mind, the American people are blindly allowing themselves to be brought into a conflict that will mean the downfall of the nation, according to psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue.


China will have a great advantage in this war and Chinese leaders are well aware of it. Her troops are well-trained and ready. Her armaments are new, well oiled, the engines running, and ready to roll.


By comparison, our own engine of war is exhausted from three years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our war chest of manpower, tanks, guns, bombs and bullets is barely keeping up. President Bush is under extreme pressure to institute a military draft even though he promised during his last campaign for office that he would not take this path.


The US has all of its regular armies, and a major portion of its National Guard and army reserve committed to the endless fighting in Iraq.


In short, there are few troops left to defend the homeland. We are ripe for the plucking. And the Chinese leadership knows it.


Not only this, but the government’s allowance of local industrial and commercial “outsourcing” of jobs to India, China, Indonesia, Mexico and other points overseas, has caused a shutdown of industry in America. If and when the day comes for us to rebuild a mighty war engine such as we did during the days after Pearl Harbor, we won’t have the capability.


Even our food, our electronic toys, cars, and communications equipment is controlled now from overseas.


When a global war breaks out, we are going to be left “up the creek” without food and without many of the services most of our youth have grown to depend on. How many young women today can grind flour and make bread from scratch? How many people live with enough land to grow food? When the shelves at the local supermarket are empty, most Americans will starve.


After just over 200 years, the great Republic of the United States is about to fall. The end will be ugly. And it did not have to happen this way.  

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