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The Real Easter Story


By James Donahue

Easter Sunday, 2005


Every year at this time the Christians of the world celebrate an outlandish story about a man/god Jesus who was allegedly hung on a wooden cross until he was dead, then put in a cave tomb, but then popped-up alive again after three days.


It is this story, coupled with a weird yarn about how he slid as a baby out of the womb of a virgin, which turns the ancient record of a powerful spiritual figure from a man into a deity. That Jesus could be conceived behind and then slip past the hymen of his mother without breaking it, and in the end, defy death, makes him a super-human being. Thus the story gives him god status.


The Catholics would expand the godhead even to Mary, who also accomplished a most remarkable feat by becoming a mother while still retaining her virginity. (Obviously the concept of the Mother of God having sex with a man is perceived by the church as a wicked act. Her title, “The Virgin Mary,” remained with her throughout life, thus she appears to Catholics to have retained her purity by sustaining her virginity. Thus she takes on the posture of a nun.)


Easter, the celebration of this amazing set of lies, is a major Christian celebration that begins, at least for the Catholics, with the start of Lent, concluding on Easter Sunday some 40 days later.


Because I find the whole story full of poppycock, I can’t help mocking it in my own way on this website. This year I am posting some of the hundreds of silly art works, photographs and other depictions of the crucifixion. Naturally, a lot of people like to act out the story, with somebody assuming the role of Jesus and posing as if he or she is being hung on a cross. They look silly doing that. I understand a few people have gone to such great lengths as to have themselves literally nailed to a wooden cross. I’ll bet that really hurts.


Last year I revealed the story of the crucifixion of Peter, who was hung upside down on a cross. According to psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue, Peter was perhaps the only one of the apostles of Jesus to be crucified.


The story of the Jesus crucifixion is total fiction, Donahue said.


The stories about Jesus running off with his lover, the prostitute Mary Magdalene, and living out his life in either France or Japan, also are fiction, he said. Jesus may have carried on with Mary Magdalene a bit although they never tied the knot. Some theorize that the strange relationship Jesus had with 12 male apostils, all of them living together as they traveled around together, suggests a possible homosexual relationship also going on. That would not surprise me.


After remote viewing the incident, Donahue says he finds that the real Jesus was murdered, but it was done secretly by Roman soldiers and some of the Jewish leaders of Rome, for political reasons. He was becoming a political problem for both the Romans and the Jewish religious leaders so he was eliminated.


During his radio show on March 6, Donahue said the whole resurrection story appeared to have been concocted by the Roman government for political reasons. He said Jesus’ body was never placed in the tomb although the Roman leaders said it was. And Roman guards were posted at the site to make sure nobody knew the difference.


When they did get a chance to visit the site, the followers of Jesus discovered to their horror that the tomb was empty. That was because the body was never there, Donahue said.


The story of a martyred god/man was generated by the Roman government of that day to cause division among the masses. Some believed it. Others did not. Donahue said it has been a tactic used by governments for centuries to generate division to keep people divided. By preventing unity among the people, especially in areas of religious or political thought, governments succeed in maintaining power.


Divide and conquer. Contemporary government leaders, presidential advisor Karl Rove among them, still use this trick even today to overpower their enemies. The military knows it well because it is an old trick during battle. It works just as well with politics.


The murder of Jesus was accomplished both quickly and quietly. His body was buried in a shallow grave somewhere in the desert. Jesus never rose from that grave. His bones, if they were not carried off by wild animals, may still lie somewhere out there in the desert sands.

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