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The Real Third Secret Of Fatima Revealed


By James Donahue

March 2005


The recent death of Sister Lucia, one of the three children who shared visions at Cova da Iria-Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, has opened the door for the full revealing of the long hidden “Third Secret of Fatima.”


Sister Lucia, whose full name was Lucia dos Santos, claimed that she and her two younger cousins were visited by the “Blessed Virgin Mary” who gave them visions of future events over a period of six months of continued apparitions.


The incident was well documented by the media because the visits became publicized and people thronged to the site to witness the children go into a trance. Also, during some of the “events,” people witnessed various astrological phenomena including a darkening of the sun, according to some news accounts. Only the children saw and heard the visions, however.


The first two secrets from the apparition were disclosed in 1942, after they were written down in memoirs by Lucia. They were said to include a vision of the reality of hell, and a prediction that World War I would soon end, but if the world was not careful, it will be followed by a second and even more fearsome war. The only way to stop this war would be the conversion of Russia to Christianity, she was told.


That third secret was placed under wraps by the Roman Catholic Church. Lucia said it would not be opened before 1960. The Popes in office after that year, however, refused to make it public. Finally Pope John Paul II disclosed that it was a vision of the 1981 assassination attempt on his life.


In his radio message on March 6, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue said the Catholic Church has been lying to the world about this vision. Two of the three children perished in the 1918 flu epidemic that swept the world, and Lucia was persuaded by the church to devote her life as a nun, under control of the Vatican. This helped to seal the secret in the vaults of the church for nearly a century.


Donahue, however, used his skills as an advanced remote viewer to examine the events at Fatima, and acquire the meaning of the message received by the children.


He said they were visited by an alien and issued warnings that had special significance to world events. Had the messages been properly received and interpreted, and if the human race had changed the course it was taking at that time, we might have avoided the terrible end-times predicament that we now face.


Donahue said the message in the Third Secret involves alien contact designed to attempt to save a remnant of the human race. There is an assassination attempt included in the vision. Sister Lucia said she saw a man she identified as “The Holy Father” reaching the top steps of a mountain where he is killed “by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him.”


In a private letter Sister Lucia also wrote that “in the same way there died one after another the other bishops, priests, men and women religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions” that were present in the area.


In other words, as a little girl she watched the future slaughter of a lot of people, including a white-robed person standing at the top of a peak of a stepped object that looked to her like a mountain.


On his web site at, Donahue has posted his drawings and one by his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, during remote viewing examinations of the event Sister Lucia observed.


He notes that this disaster will occur in South America, amid ancient ruins of one of the cities and at the top of one of the many stepped pyramids that can be found throughout Mexico and South America.


In her letter, Sister Lucia saw “an immense light that is God” overhead, and a being in white that she identified as “Our Lady.” Also she said she observed an angel with a flaming sword in his left hand, while his right hand pointed to the earth. This entity cried out in a loud voice: “Penance, Penance, Penance!”


Donahue said that as a little girl, raised under Catholicism, Sister Lucia could only identify the figures in the scene as God, an angel and the Virgin Mary. He said looking at the same event from his perspective revealed a very different picture.


Hovering overhead is light from a flying craft that is “extraterrestrial in origin.” Its light “appears to cover a large area of the Earth in its brilliance. Throughout this data we find a relation between this vessel and a xenotransdimensional device,” he writes.


At the top of the pyramid is seen “a bright and faceless essence wearing a white robe.” Also Donahue writes: “upon its chest is revealed a blood soaked symbol in the shape of a T. The right hand of the essence points below unto twin serpents of which only three eyes are seen. The left hand points inward to the body.”


After finishing the remote viewing session, Donahue said he fell into a sleep “only to be awakened by a loud voice heard upon the right side of my body. This voice was neither male nor female and the words ‘final’ and ‘hour’ were repeated three times. I remember nothing more of it although there was more, much more.”


In his radio show, Donahue talked about this vision and denounced the Pope for daring to claim it was a vision of the assassination attempt on his own life. “The Pope is a social criminal. This is not him,” Donahue said. “This is an event that is in no way related to the Catholic Church, its Pope, nor any of its public or private interpretations. It involves contact with the human progenitor in a time that our planet is clearly dying.”


The vision of the twin serpents, at the extended right hand of the individual on the pyramid “represents DNA, suggesting again that a genetic ‘key’ is required for contact with the human progenitor (or Lucifer).


“The true horror of Fatima is that it shows an assassination attempt on the person who carries the genetic key required for contact,” Donahue said.


He warned that if the assassination attempt is successful, and the person with the key to making contact is killed, there will be no escape for the thousands who will be gathered at that place.


Will it happen?


Donahue said the message is a warning that we must take seriously. “We must protect the genetic key or we will lose our soul. There is only one soul and we all share it,” he said.


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