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Ancient Origin Of Gulf War Syndrome Exposed


By James Donahue

February 2005


The mysterious Gulf War Syndrome, a cache of afflictions that have plagued veterans of the 1991 assault on Iraq by U.S. and allied forces, is already being felt by soldiers involved in the current conflict, although this fact has been carefully concealed by our leadership and the media.


There have been a few leaks, however. One story in a UK newspaper noted that British troops are coming home with complaints of headache and memory loss, fatigue, sleep disorders, and intestinal and respiratory ailments. These are all of the initial symptoms experienced by veterans of the first war.


Things tend to get worse for both the veterans and their families as time progresses. Many veterans have been so ill they are unable to work. Some families have experienced child birth defects.


The origin of the syndrome, long ignored by the U. S. government and Veterans Administration, has been a mystery. Theories have ranged from a secret biological trap by Saddam Hussein to reactions from some of the harsh inoculations imposed on troops before they went on the battlefield.


Nothing has been proven, however.


Now, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue has offered an explanation. He said the soldiers are really getting sick and it is caused by both encapsulated and non encapsulated pathogens that have been buried in the dry desert sands of the Middle East for thousands of years.


These organisms existed back when the Earth was young and the area where Iraq is located, the heart of a part of the world known from the ancient past as the Fertile Crescent, was once a rain forest.


He said there is a parallel to this event in the desert sands of Southern Arizona, where some visitors experience similar symptoms in what is known by the natives as Valley Fever. Doctors say this bug, which usually develops as a form of bronchitis in the lungs, is caused by a fungus that becomes airborne during sand storms.


But in Iraq, the assault comes from a deeper and much more serious source.


The organisms causing Iraq War Syndrome date back to a time when the City of Ur once stood, not far from where Baghdad is located today. Donahue said the old Bible story of Abram leaving Ur, the city of his birth, occurred because of overpopulation and poor conservation of the area. The people stripped the land of the trees and turned it to desert and it has never recovered.


The richness and age of the rain forest that stood there is marked by the fact that the Middle East is the site of some of the richest crude oil deposits in the world, Donahue said.


Many of the micro-organisms that existed during those prehistoric times adapted to the extreme climate changes. They are thus buried in the desert sands.


When we came to the area with bombs and heavy tanks, trucks and other equipment, we blew these deadly micro-organisms out into the atmosphere . . . many for the first time since they were buried in the ancient past. As the troops moved in, they sucked these bugs into their lungs with every breath.


The attacks are varied, Donahue said, because the organisms ingested are different. While all of the soldiers breathed the same doses, not all got sick. That is because personal immune systems are different, and some people are able to resist these assaults on their bodies.


One problem is, however, there is no recent immune memory in most people for these very old organisms.


In a sense, our attacks on Iraq stirred up a trap that has been waiting for us for thousands of years.


The decision by George W. Bush to go back in for a second assault has only compounded this disaster. He has exposed thousands more young men and women to a second generation of Gulf War Syndrome.  

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