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Aaron Donahue’s Condemnation Of “The Over 50 Crowd”


By Aaron C. Donahue

Recently, a fellow psychic pointed out to me a marked difference between the spiritual and psychological essence of those born prior to the year 1955 and of those born after.

After thinking about this and doing some research for nearly three months, I have come to the conclusion that something exists beyond the corruption of DNA over time, age related degradation of brain and endocrine functions, and other multiple organ system failures.


Although these conditions are factors in the aberrant behavior patterns of those reaching various thresholds of advanced age, it does not explain the totality of intractable global problems largely created by the majority of these people living in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. These problems include radical expansions of industry, pollution, and resulting populations breaching the human carrying capacity of our planet in the mid 1980’s. Many social problems are now emerging between nations due to vastly degrading natural resources such as non-salinated water, plant diversity, and fossil fuels.


Perhaps the most disturbing part of my research has revealed that most people over 50 clearly show little or no concern about the future of our planet. When asked, many disregard the idea of conservation and refuse to honestly address the ecological effects of human overpopulation.

To make things more interesting, most of the American people under the age of 50 that I have interviewed share many of the following perspectives:

1. There is no future and no one over 50 cares because they will be soon dead of old age anyway.

2. Most pot-smoking hypocrites of the 1960’s are now tossing their own children in prison for innocently doing the same thing. What is different involves what one spiritually observed under the influence of THC then and of what the elderly lawmakers do not want succeeding generations to see. Primarily, the spiritual insight obtained from most hallucinogenic substances like pot can help the average person understand complex issues such as the status of our planet. In the 1960’s, many pot-smoking hypocrites could vaguely feel an emerging global ecological problem while a viable life force remained strong. Today this life force is very weak and many feel uneasy or panic under the influence of the hallucinogen. This uneasiness is most related to our dying planet.

3. The over 50 crowd has promoted and constructed vast networks of prisons giving America one of the largest per-capita prison populations of any industrialized nation in the world. The majority of people in these prisons are under 50. In addition to prisons, the over 50 crowd have constructed vast numbers of retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, and exclusive gated communities while their children are forced (via elderly sponsored lobbyists and legislators) to pay higher taxes in order to keep these and other related programs temporarily afloat. Those who are now subjugated by these higher taxes know that they will never see the benefit. They know that their government is lying to them about promised social security benefits, future subsidized health care, and other current failing financial retirement programs.

4. The over 50 crowd has placed President Bush in the White House while the under 50 crowd dies on the Iraqi battle field for cheap Vaseline (a petroleum based product).

5. The over 50 crowd fucked without thinking in the past producing too many children while encouraging fertility research and discouraging birth control.

6. The over 50 crowd often blame their offspring for a demanding existence. The lack-luster loveless and bitter society that American youth now face amongst the majority of sex-negative art censoring fear-based elderly is intolerable. Because of the over 50 crowd, America has become a policed land of straight-laced paranoid old-fucks who hate their children. Anything of the widely seen, sponsored, or promoted culture of art, music, and dance has been sanitized and dumbed down to the point of absurdity. To tamper with the will of an artist in this way defines obscenity.

7. The over 50 crowd is widely known to rape, neglect, torture, and murder their own children. Many of these people also get away with it in the name of Jesus. Contrary to what the over 50 idiot crowd would like to have you believe, it is not the Satanist, Witch, or Hannibal Lector that ritualistically murders children, it is the Christian! I have a list of many famous and not-so famous American cases of Christians ritualistically killing children for Jesus and perhaps the most famous case would be that of John Wayne Gacy. This Christian child rapist murdered 33 boys representing one death for each year in Christ’s life. He was such a Christian pillar in his community that President Reagan at the time invited him to the White House. In all fairness to President Ronald Reagan, I am sure that his Alzheimer’s disease prevented him from knowing any of this while meeting Mr. Gacy.

8. Of all the Catholic Priests who have recently been tagged for molesting children, how many of these priests do you think are under the age of 50?

9. Unless you blow Jesus on your knees each Sunday morning in church, the over 50 crowd will not accept you. Sadly, I know of many youth who are cast away from their immediate families due to a lack of faith in something that clearly does not exist. There are no rewards for those who tell of a naked king amongst the over 50 Christian idiot crowd.

10. The over 50 crowd will mindlessly call you out to die in battles they create for their own personal gain. If you survive, they will pin big metals on your chest and salute you for bravery!

11. The over 50 crowd wants you to make more babies in order to run their factories and pay higher taxes for increased ease of their own lives.

12. The over 50 crowd is blatantly sexist. Many would like to bring America back to the austere 1950’s in which women had their place in high heels strung out on Desoxymethamphetamine (a popular over the counter diet pill in the 50’s) like Betty Crocker in apron ready to fuck their drunken and often violent pipe smoking master. Sex back then was perhaps a step up from being raped but at least it was expected and condoned by both parties involved. Abortions were performed with coat hangers and women dared not think of themselves as anything more than trite penis receptacles while masquerading through life as the holy Madonna. Many women of that time sported big hairstyles resembling rocket ships while huge gas powered finned tubs streamed across freshly cemented freeways. Ah…the halcyon days of white picket fences and atomic bombs.

13. There are few true heroes over 50 that will help the youth of today survive tomorrow.

14. The over 50 crowd has selfishly destroyed our planet and think of their children as slaves in servitude unto their false Gods. They are forcing their children to pay for their own mistakes without a conscience.

15. The over 50 crowd worships suffering, death, and misery. Many of the monuments they have constructed in parks, churches, government buildings, and schools are of weary foot dragging laborers, suffering martyrs, wounded flag waving soldiers, and a facially contorted Christ in pain. If a young person should dare to show any happiness within a public setting, it is likely that the over 50 crowd will frown and actively discourage this kind of behavior labeling it as something “drug related”. This in fact has happened to me while laughing within an American public square. I recall a scowling face of some loosely dentured crone followed by two rather large gun-toting thugs in blue uniform questioning me for “suspicious behavior”. To my surprise, the tallest of thugs asked me to tone down the happiness near the square. He then proceeded to state that people who act happy are usually on drugs and that it is suspicious. I protested and as you can imagine, I then became suspect! These two thugs grilled me for the longest time trying to force me to admit any illegal activity! Of course I told them to go to hell narrowly avoiding jail time. This is true life in America and if you are young and happy, I do not recommend that you live here. European countries in general are more inviting to youth especially within some of the lesser cities of France, Germany, and Italy. America is not a good place for young people and it will only get worse as the 50 and above crowd gain more influence over their environment.

In conclusion, I have to say that there are some good people over the age of 50 although not very many. I have traveled the world and as any traveler will tell you, people of differing cultures all share basic gaps in generation. I am citing a new and growing third gap not just in America. Our youth are without an ecologically healthy future thus their immediate social conditions should be optimized in order to prepare for possible extinction. This is the very least that can be done by those over the age of 50 who could have saved our planet prior to the 1980’s and collectively did nothing.


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