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Lunar Noah’s Ark Plan On Right Track


By James Donahue

February 2005


A proposal by Dr. Bernard Foing, head of the European Space Agency’s moon missions, to salvage the DNA of Earth creatures and store them in a repository on the Moon, might give us some idea as to just how serious scientists are about the deteriorating environment on this planet.


As thousands of creatures go into extinction due to human population growth, pollution and our destruction of the environment, the red flags are going up concerning the future of all life on Earth.


Many scientists are saying that human extinction is possible if we don’t change our course and do it soon.


Strangely, Dr. Foing isn’t using extinction as an argument for building a DNA library on the Moon, however.


His thoughts: “If there were a catastrophic collision on Earth or a nuclear war, you could place some samples of Earth’s biosphere, including humans,” in the lunar DNA library. Then the planet could be repopulated after the planet’s environment is stabilized once more.


The European Space group is building a fleet of robotic spacecraft for a series of missions to the Moon. Foing believes the missions could be used, among other things, to build a lunar colony and establish a DNA repository.


What Foing does not explain, however, is how we will recover this DNA material once life on Earth is lost, or who will be around to even attempt such a recovery.


We suspect Dr. Foing is interested only in preserving what is left of the rich diversity of life on Earth. He does not conceive of a complete extinction of all life.


Yet this is what other scientists are beginning to think about. Also psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue warns that total extinction looms because human overpopulation is killing the planet.


Foing’s ideas apparently were shared by the Luciferian alien race that first put us on this planet, and then returned to rescue a remnant of life during the catastrophic flood, Donahue says.


It wasn’t live animals and people that boarded the ark with Noah. It was human and animal DNA that was taken on a ship that carried it forward through time. Donahue says he wants to get a remnant of humans involved in recalling Lucifer to come to our aid yet one more time.


Only this time, he says, we are hoping to be sent back in time to the period just following the Crustacean period, and after the flood.


“There is nothing wasted in nature,” Donahue explained. He said that the task of gathering pairs of all of the animals and collecting enough humans to carry genetic diversity back into the past would be so massive it would never be considered by an alien race, even if the technology existed.


But the collection of DNA is something that can be done, and probably has already been going on. Donahue believes the unexplained phenomenon of cattle mutilations . . . with cattle found with parts of their bodies surgically removed . . . has been part of the transport of DNA into the past. Other smaller animals may also be already moved in the same way.


All it is going to take now is for enough humans to gather for the same purpose, Donahue said. This is what is meant by contact.


Donahue believes it will take about 150,000 people to give humans enough genetic diversity. But he admits the numbers may be lower than this.


Fortunately, humans already are in existence in the time allotted for human arrival. Donahue believes the DNA of the volunteers that go from here, which will carry the subconscious memory of who we are and why we had to flee into the past, will be put in unborn children.


The plan would be to start all over, and try to build a planet of humans that are not misled by angelic intervention.


The race must pursue spiritual and mental evolution before it can be successful. Taking the path of organized religion and following false gods that preach fear is the wrong path. Humans have been on it for thousands of years too long.  

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