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The Skull & Bones Effect On American Destiny


By James Donahue

January 2005


That both major presidential contenders in 2004 were life members of the secret Yale University society known as the Skull and Bones is significant.


The organization is known to exist to elevate its elite and selected number of members to powerful and high offices in both government and commerce. Thus the question arises whether both George W. Bush and John Kerry were not working together for the same consequential conclusion . . . either to get Mr. Bush re-elected to a second term or to assure that the movement behind the actions of the Bush Administration is brought to completion.


Following this thesis, one might argue that the only real differences between the two men would have been how the work was finished. The outcome would likely have been the same.


Out of necessity, the world is moving rapidly toward a one-world government. It also is moving toward universal banking and court systems. Since the United States, a largely Christian influenced country, is resisting any effort to give up its sovereignty, the job is being done forcefully, and with unusually skillful mind manipulation.


To understand my point we need to examine the doctrine of the Skull and Bones organization. It was founded at Yale by the late William Russell in 1832 after Russell spent time studying at the University of Berlin. While in Berlin, Russell met, perhaps studied under, and became strongly influenced by the teachings of Professor Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.


Hegel was described as “the culmination of the German idealistic philosophy school” that taught that the state is Absolute Reason. He believed the citizen can only become free by worship and obedience to the state. Both fascism and communism have their roots in this political philosophy that was known in its time as Hegellianism.


Russell and Alphonso Taft formed what began as a Yale chapter of the German Order of Scull and Bones. The name later was changed to The Order of Skull and Bones.


While the order operates under extreme secrecy and its chosen members are sworn to silence, some information has leaked out. Papers were secured from a break-in at the “tomb,” a windowless building on the campus used as the organization’s meeting place and headquarters. Also the Bones members published a document known as The Iconoclast in 1873 in response to expressed concerns by students and professors about the influence the group was having over Yale finances and  allegations of special favoritism given to the members.


From these papers it is known that the “Bonesmen” still support the Hegellian philosophy. The concept supports the use of controlled conflict to create a pre-determined outcome. One writer said it establishes “a synthesis of their making and design, where the state is absolute and individuals are granted their freedoms based on their obedience to the state – a New World Order.”


It is said the funding and political maneuvering by Bonesmen and their allies helped the Bolsheviks establish the Communist state in Russia. Hitler rose to power with the assistance of the Bones organization and two investment bank firms, Guaranty Trust and Brown Brothers, Harriman. Both banks were dominated by members of Skull and Bones, including Prescott Bush, the father of George H. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush.


Thus we can grasp a better understanding of some of the major world events occurring since George W. Bush took office. Not only is he a Bonesman, but he has allegedly surrounded himself with fellow Bonesmen that hold positions in his cabinet and/or work as advisors in some capacity.


That the world appears to be rushing rapidly toward environmental, political and financial collapse may be forcing Mr. Bush and his advisors to take the drastic actions they are taking to force rapid political and social changes.


Some analysts believe Bush wants to build America to be the dominant force in the New World Order. He foresees America as a great military power with control over all strategic raw materials. Thus we have invaded Iraq under false pretenses, and are looking at neighboring Iran, because an essential raw material is oil.


Bush is said to admire the work of the late Henry Stimson, advisor to Presidents Taft through Truman and the man some say helped orchestrate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and launch our involvement in World War II.


Stimson believed it was essential for America to go to war once every generation because it is a cleansing process, causing the nation to rally behind a cause and overcome its weaknesses in a giant burst of military fervor.


Thus the goals of the Bush Administration and the European Union appear to be similar. Both want to move the world into a one-world government as a way of gaining control over nuclear arms, threats of war and shortages of oil, lumber, food and water, but they have drastically different views as to how it should be done.


Bush sees America holding supremacy over the rest of the world. The European Union apparently wants a peaceful coming together, with the seat of power resting somewhere in Europe.


What Bush is forcing the world into is a third world war.


While the Bonesmen think they have some kind of supreme monopoly on world power manipulation, there are spiritual forces overlooking everything. These forces have an agenda of their own, and not necessarily in the best interests of the United States or humanity as a whole.


The other hold-out on this world movement toward world government is China, where a Communist dictatorship still rules with an iron fist.


Both the United States and China are major polluters and neither nation is doing much, if anything, to control the air, water and ground emissions from vehicles and industry. Both nations have turned their backs on the Kyoto Agreement for control of air pollutants that was drafted in Japan.


It is not by chance, then, that psychic Aaron C. Donahue sees these two major countries, with strongly opposing ideologies, squaring off soon to fight a long and bloody conflict. The war will conclude with nuclear force, and in the end, China will emerge the technical winner, Donahue warns.


But he adds that both nations will be so devastated by the war that they will no longer stand in the way of the new world government that rises out of Europe.



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