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World’s Clergy Can’t Explain Tsunami Disaster


By James Donahue

January 2005


News reporters in the field have been asking religious leaders why they thought God would have allowed the December 26 quake and subsequent killer tsunami that swept the rim of the Indian Ocean, claiming more than 200,000 lives.


Interesting to hear the Buddhist, Christian and Moslem leaders struggle over their answer to such a profound question. The general consensus is that things like this just happen and we can neither understand nor question it.


That is not a good answer.


The religious leaders should know, more than anyone else, what is wrong in their area of the world. But their blindness has spread to the masses. And because they were blind and wicked in what they were doing, they deserved exactly what happened to them.


The people of Southeastern Asia and big business interests involved there, are guilty of extreme sinful acts. They have ravaged the natural resources of the land, overpopulated by having families too large to feed, and in recent years, have been selling their children into sexual slavery in exchange for temporary relief from their self-imposed poverty.


The media is only now disclosing that Thailand has been known for years by wealthy pedophiles and child predators as a place to satisfy their personal sexual perversions.


Even now, after the area was swept by a wave so powerful it destroyed concrete buildings, swept thousands of people to their death, and turned a tropical paradise into piles of rubble, the underworld has been busy. The pickings for even more child slavery have been easy. Children known to have survived the wave are strangely disappearing, news reports say.


The resort towns along those shorelines may not all have been dens of perversion, but they were popular gathering places for wealthy and influential people from all over the world. That the disaster occurred on Christmas weekend, when the resorts were packed, brought the impact of what happened to the front doors of nearly every nation on Earth.


The loss of so many thousands of lives in that part of the world has a global impact that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. That is because the people there are so poverty stricken they also can be utilized as a cheap labor force for big industry.


All of those clothes, electronic gadgets and other items purchased in your local cut-rate store come to you at bargain prices because they are made in sweat shops in India, China and Indonesia, as well as other parts of the world where life is cheap and consequently labor is cheap.


This is why big business interests in the United States want the Bush Administration to pour millions of dollars in aide to that area. The loss of so many workers, at a time when the U.S. economy is hurting, will have an impact on outsourcing. That is the bottom line.


Big business and government leaders don’t give much of a damn about what happened there for any other reason, except perhaps to save face to the rest of the world.


There also is a spiritual problem that marked the people of that area for death on Dec. 26.


That they allowed themselves to be caught up in a deadly tsunami only proves just how far away from a natural love for the Mother Earth that the human race has drifted. While these fools stood on the shoreline, watching the water first recede, then taking pictures as the killer wave overpowered them, was the height of stupidity.


While they were doing this, the animals in the area were fleeing to the high ground. Also moving to safety were the so-called “primitive” tribes that still practice “pagan” religious beliefs. They fish and till the soil with their eye on the stars. That they are all in tune with the Earth meant they knew the danger and knew what to do to save themselves.


Except for the innocent children, those that stayed and died were thus separated from the worthy. They deserved the judgment, just as billions of other humans all over this planet deserve what is about to happen to them.


While we have people out of work, homeless and starving in America, it is sick for our government to be sending so much money and resources to that part of the world in an attempt to fix a problem for big business.


While we are pouring billions of dollars into a war for oil, why are we wasting even more tax money on rebuilding a part of the world that needs to be left to ruin.


The mantra called by psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue, asking the Mother Earth to bring more natural death and destruction to millions of the human parasites massed on her soils, is justified.


If the mother, who created us, cannot bring herself to thin out our numbers by natural means, she is then destined to perish. And if the planet dies, we are all doomed for eternity. The reality of human extinction is difficult for the average person to comprehend, but once it happens, there is no turning back.


If the Mother doesn’t thin out our numbers, then we are left to do it ourselves, either through global war or some other radical means. It is best that it be done by natural disaster.


We must not cry for the dead. There will be many more bodies to count before this ongoing disaster comes to its conclusion. Disasters of this magnitude should be counted as blessings.


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