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Sliding Into A New Year With Resolve


By James Donahue

December 31, 2004


Time was when I joined the world each New Year’s Eve in “welcoming” the next year. It is a ritual, much like all of the other celebrations people hold. Like most others, I used the day to reflect on the passing year and make resolutions as to what I would like to do better in the months ahead.


The New Year is an inevitable moment in our lives. Because we still use an ancient and outworn Georgian Calendar, we collectively agree to mark the beginning of a new year at the same time all around the world…at midnight on December 31.


Of course the changing of the year moves with the sun, so it follows the shadows of night across the globe. Thus we don't all celebrate at the same moment. But we celebrate on the same day, basically that is.


This year I would rather just skip the celebration, let my computer tell me what year it is when I wake up in the morning, and just go drudging on with my life.


The year 2004 was such a disappointment that I would rather think of it as a bad dream. While its passing may be cause for some degree of celebration, I know, because I live with a family of psychics, that 2005 is not going to get any better.


As the old man with a suitcase reports as he greets the baby new year in the Pat Oliphant political cartoon: “War in Iraq not going well, Bush gang systematically dismantling the country, rogue nuclear threat continues, Osama Bin Laden and your Uncle George still at large . . . good luck.”


That almost sums up our sorry state of affairs. But then there is the dreaded Avian Flu that is spreading from birds to animals and humans all over Asia, and the World Health Organization warns it may become a world-wide pandemic either this winter or by next winter. This disease is a killer so brace yourself.


The horrific monster earthquake and resulting tsunami disaster that killed hundreds of thousands in South Asia and Africa December 26 is just one more in a wave of natural disasters looming for this overpopulated planet now plagued by non-stop global warming.


Because of all the tsunami hoopla, few noticed the lineup of major winter storms sweeping California and the Southwest this week, with the first wave bringing tornados to various parts of California. Tornados in California? The storm also flooded parts of Arizona, our old stomping grounds in the high desert, including the grand community of Sedona. Deluge in the desert?


Smog now has turned our skies an ugly brown and a new report by NASA says that brown cloud now stretches around the globe. Blue sky, getting a clear view of the stars on a cloudless night, and taking a deep breath of clear fresh country air are no longer things we can enjoy.


The Christian-angelic-driven Bush Administration is pressing for oil in the Middle East, inflaming the world, and silently setting up for a Biblical apocalypse.


Terrorism, which already has struck our turf, is about to come into our personal lives once more. The hour and the day is known only to the terrorists. Our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have made this inevitable.


Then there is the looming war with China. Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue predicted about two years ago that George W. Bush would be re-elected to a second term, and that before his second term was ended, he will have led us into a war with China.


It could be a lengthy war, culminating with nuclear strikes by both sides and an invasion of our homeland by Chinese soldiers, Donahue warns. He said the US will lose this war. Soon we will no longer stand as the greatest nation on Earth.


Another ominous threat; Donahue says because of overpopulation and our failure to take care of our environment, the human race is racing toward extinction.


Because they are Christians, our nation's leadership refuses to believe in Aaron's ability to accurately foretell the future. All psychics are classified by the media as rascals out to fool the public. Thus when a real psychic comes along, with information that could save us all, nobody will listen.


No, there is not a lot to look forward to in 2005. I dread this new year. But because there is no way to stop the clock, I am resolved to accept it, one day at a time and make the most of whatever time we have left.


I think it is worse knowing the future, especially when  nobody wants to listen to our calls for action to stop what is going to happen. There are days when I would rather be cruising blind and dumb, like everybody else.

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