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Looming New Arsenal Of High-Tech Weapons


By James Donahue

December 2004


The military is bringing up an interesting, if not frightening new arsenal of weapons designed to disable enemy electronic devices and knock enemy soldiers into a stupor without necessarily inflicting a path of death and destruction.


At the same time, of course, the Bush Administration has authorized the development of a variety of new and deadlier A-bombs that can be deployed on a battery of missiles to any place in the world at the push of a button. And there is such a thing as a low frequency sound wave that is so deadly it can destroy buildings and every living thing within its range.


And there has been a cloak of secrecy put on reports that the military also is experimenting with the concept of antimatter weaponry. This eerie “mirror” of known matter has been found to exist. And it has been proven that when equal elements of matter and antimatter collide, they annihilate each other in a burst of energy more powerful than the hydrogen bomb.


That we are still engaged in the barbaric arts of warfare in this late time in human history, instead of collectively working globally to salvage what is left of our dying planet, seems like insanity run amuck. Yet if we must wage war, we might hope the pentagon will choose the use of the no-kill weaponry as a first line of defense against foreign attack.


There are three promising concepts that have been described in various Internet circles. They are a high frequency radio system that can control weather and do a variety of other things like knock out radio and solid state electronic controlled panels, an ultra-low frequency sound device that can knock down entire armies with pain and nausea, and a microwave device that can inflict non-lethal pain on enemy forces. All of these weapons can be used with deadly force if commanders choose to throw the right switches.


That these weapons are being openly written about suggests that they are probably already in the hands of our military. The secrecy around the stuff still in development is usually so strict that nothing is said until the thing is not only in use, but already considered close to obsolete.


The high frequency radio energy system, or HAARP, is probably the best known and least understood of the weapon systems. It is a program jointly managed by the US Air Force and Navy from a complex system of electronic equipment and antennas at Gakona, Alaska.


HAARP beams radiate high frequency radio energy into the ionosphere. It also can be directed downward through the earth. The device heats the ionosphere, and can be used to control weather. Many believe HAARP also has been developed as a powerful weapon that can be turned against enemy forces and bring down aircraft and guided missiles in flight.


The Air Force also has developed a non-lethal microwave ray that can create what is described as “a disabling burning sensation” when directed at the enemy. Microwaves can be used to control large numbers of people without killing them. It also can disable electronics-dependent enemy weapons by sending a surge of volts that destroy semiconductors.


It is the low frequency sound device that are the scariest. The effect of sound waves with certain ultra low frequency sounds was made by accident by Dr. Vladimir Gavreau in 1957 when his team of scientists began getting nauseous while working in a particular building. The problem was traced to a cooling fan that was emitting a sound that was not audible to anyone in the building. Once turned off, the problem disappeared.


Experimentation with what Gavreau later called “infrasonics” caused the complete destruction of the first test building, and caused extensive body damage and sickness for the team of researchers that got too close.


The sound frequencies, although unheard by the human ear, can quickly bring on severe mental and physical breakdown. People become disoriented, lose their dexterity, slur their speech and finally black out. Gavreau noted that the effects last for hours after the sound is turned off. All of the internal organs of the body appear to be affected.


Certain sound frequencies only stun and cause nausea and disorientation. Other frequencies are lethal, the team discovered. Also the infrasonic sound waves tend to stay low to the ground and can be transmitted for some distance. Thus an infrasonic weapon would be easy and inexpensive to produce.


But there is a built-in problem with such a weapon. Nothing known to us shields the operator of such a machine from also falling under the effect of the sound vibrations it produces. Thus the only way it could be used is by robotic machines that move away from the using forces and into hostile territory before it is turned on.


If both armies should send such lethal sound machines into battle and turn them on at the same moment, the fighting would be over in seconds. Both armies would be lost at the push of two mere buttons. And imagine the chaos if nobody is left turn off the sound guns.


Antimatter bombs, if they become reality, might be so tiny they can be held in the palm of a man’s hand, yet powerful enough to destroy large cities in a single blast. Unlike nuclear bombs, it is thought they would emit no radiation.


We can only hope such bombs are never made possible. The moment they exist, some military scallywag somewhere out there will feel compelled to use it.  

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