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Skeletal “Hobbit” Human Remains No Surprise


By James Donahue

November 2004


Nearly lost during the recent election fervor has been the excitement among anthropologists over the discovery of the skeletal remains of tiny humanoids that once lived on the island of Flores, located about midway between Asia and Australia.


Already dubbed “Homo floresiensis,” signifying a newly discovered species of human, the fossilized remains have electrified the scientific community.


That is because the “little people” apparently grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child, had skulls about the size of grapefruits, and lived in Indonesia an estimated 18,000 years ago.


Also found in the same area are the bones of pygmy elephants and Komodo dragons, suggesting that these strange “Hobbit” people lived in somewhat of a fairy existence right here on Planet Earth, long before modern humans arrived on the scene.


Naturally, there has been a lot of speculation about these strange humanoid beings . . . just who they were and how they got here. A puzzle to the anthropologists is how they could have existed in that remote part of the world without evidence of their existence being found elsewhere in the world.


Are they aliens? Did they come from outer space to live for a while on that island before dying off?


No, says psychic Aaron C. Donahue. They were just one of many variations of humanoids that existed for a while on the planet over a span of hundreds of thousands of years. They existed for a brief moment in the distant past, but then died off because either their size, or their mental development, proved unsuccessful to meet the demands of their environment.


There were many other humanoid types that came and went. We have found their remains all over the planet, from Neanderthal to Homo erectus and beyond. But only the modern species . . . Homo sapien, was successful. At least that is what we call ourselves.


But if the truth be known . . . and it is right before everybody’s eyes. There is a wide variety of successful versions of humanoid in existence all over this planet. From the yellow skinned Asians to the dark skinned Africans and the blond, blue-eyed Europeans and the red-skinned Native Americans . . . we all come from different stock. Yet we are all very much alike.


There seems to be an amazing history behind the existence of the human race on this planet. We were genetically processed by the Mother Earth over thousands of years, before the Luciferians arrived to begin the final genetic manipulation.


This is when the DNA was changed, and Lucifer “breathed into us” the spark that made us unique from the animals.


Obviously the Neanderthals, the Homo erectus and the newly discovered Homo floresiensis were not included in the Luciferian “alteration.” For whatever reason, they were failed experiments in the Mother’s work to bring on the successful humanoids. While they existed, they were equal to the animals, and nothing else.

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