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The Domino Has Fallen - Bush Is Back In Office


By James Donahue


I am not surprised that Mr. Bush is the winner of another term in office. After all, our son, psychic and viewer Aaron C. Donahue and our psychic and viewer daughter, Jennifer Sharpe, both saw Mr. Bush in the White House at the conclusion of the next presidential term.


Even knowing this, there is a feeling of dark foreboding and sadness in our household this day. Even though we knew he would win, we also knew the consequences.


We tried to sound the warning as loudly as we could.


I wrote stories, but there are only so many thousand readers visiting this web site. Aaron attempted to be heard on a variety of radio and television shows, but producers said they were prohibited from allowing him to appear.


One producer said the order came from very high up. The origin was not told. It certainly didn’t come from God.


We wanted to persuade voters to do anything but give the apocalyptic president we have in office another four years.


Unfortunately, the Christians overpowered the polls. They not only put Bush back in office for a second term, they gave him all power by giving the Republicans a majority control over both the House and Senate. The last time we had a president with that much power was when Lyndon Johnson was elected to office. His "guns and butter" policy sent the nation reeling and its effect was felt for years.


Now, as a lame duck intent on launching the Biblical Battle of Armageddon in the Middle East, there is nothing to stop Bush from starting World War III.


He believes, as do millions of cult-Christian believers, that if they start this war, they will force their beloved god-man Jesus to return to Earth, take them all home to Heaven, and then rebuilt our ruined planet.


That is a myth. It is a folk tale based on an old pagan belief system dating back to the days of Nimrod. It ain’t gonna happen, folks.


Mr. Bush is an armagedonist. With that kind of thinking, he may take steps leading to a global conflict that will put the lives of our best young men and women in harms way, bring warfare to our own soil, and eventually end in nuclear conflict that will leave the United States in ruins.


If not stopped, it will be a long and bloody conflict.


The war will be with China, not the terrorists. Nor will it be with the drug traffickers. Those are pretend wars. They are just nuisance things that serve to restrict human liberties.


With Mr. Bush in office for another four years, we can expect ecological nightmares to escalate. Global warming will intensify because our government will do nothing to stop air pollution. Birds, fish and wildlife will go into extinction because our government will do nothing to stop soil and water pollution.


The oil crisis will get so severe people will freeze to death for lack of the money they need to heat their homes. People will be unable to go to work, or travel, because gasoline, if they can even get it, will be very expensive.


The middle class will become poor. The wealthy will become wealthier. The poor will, in effect, be the slaves of the rich. The jobs we will have will be subservient to big corporations. Paychecks will be low.


Expect freedoms to be further eroded in the name of safety under the Patriot Acts.


Expect severe storms, high winds, floods and drought to become a way of life. Mother Earth is alive and will bring judgment on America.


Expect life to be hell and going downhill from there.


This is the world as it will be under Bush. It is what the people voted for. They believed the lies. But they are not going to like what they get.

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