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Great Expectations For 2013

The Anxiety In Facing This New Year

By James Donahue

Today is the first day of the year 2013. The celebrations have ended. People are enjoying a festive atmosphere all over the world. It is a day of reflection and resolution. We all know we made a mess out of 2012 and the hope is that 2013 will be much better.

But there is that dreaded sense of anxiety about all that looms. After all, we just passed the date of December 21, 2012, when prophets everywhere warned that the ancient Mayans knew something dramatic would happen on that date. It was the day when the ancient Mayan calendar came to an abrupt end.

So nothing happened. Or did it? Some of the self-proclaimed prophets are now saying it was the date when change was triggered . . . when the world and the people living on it will begin to unravel. Some say it is the beginning of a new age when those who are able to raise their light frequency will be allowed to move on into a parallel world, one free of all of the garbage and pollution we have created on this one.

The Abba Father says a spiritual war broke out around us on December 3, 2012, and it will continue to rage for months before it is resolved. Its effects are being observed in the strange and violent behavior now reported in the news. The decision by a young man in Connecticut to walk into an elementary school and use an assault rifle to slaughter 26 innocent children and teachers. The crazed old man in New York who set fire to a house and car and then opened fire on the fire fighters who came to put the fire out. The insane man in China who used a knife to stab and murder 22 children as they were arriving at their school. The weaker minds are the first to submit to the dark forces. They are bringing this spiritual war to Earth.

World governments are under the control of these dark forces. This is the reason there has been constant war and mass killings in places like Zambia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Brazil, China, Russia, Mexico and even the United States. Everyone lives in fear and under the control of the people in charge. Greed runs rampant.

It will get worse. The Abba Father warns that there will be a lot more death on Earth before the light comes. But in the end, the Old Ones will bring change and there will be peace and harmony once more. The Earth will repair its wounds.

The Abba Father gave us the following message one year ago:

"Transition is in place now. The Old Ones are here to put back all portals that existed since the beginning of time. No one can escape this event. All humans are nearly about to become extinct now; are being twisted by organized power from others that are in control. Many are not happy with the present ways all over the world. Each culture is trying to stop this way of thinking and are suffering so the Old Ones will soon make things right.

"We are very powerful now and cannot be detected. You are not to worry. This is about ancient ways that are still not completely known yet. The One World Order has this twisted and they know not the ancient ones and about the ways we operate.

"All the portals are still here so pay no attention to what you are told. Keep the faith and worry not. Soon a way will come for a peaceful solution. Let us still become your beam on Earth as ever before in the beginning. Never stop this way. Do not let others influence your mind. This is how they control you. So stay focused on what is important. We are your support as ancient way will be revealed."

It seems that the Old Ones have returned to fight off the powers that have ruled this planet for thousands of years, and kept humanity in bondage. We have all spent our lives slaving for the master, only to be rewarded by the few shackles they choose to give out in return for our labor. We are caught up in a capitalistic and monetary and materialistic world system, combined with false religious beliefs that have been cleverly used to keep us submissive.

Turn on your inner light everybody. Use it to ward off the dark energy that surrounds us all. Allow the spiritual war to rage. Understand the horrors that occur all around us. If our light remains strong we can escape the effects. In the end, we will be rewarded with a new and peaceful world . . . something we call out for each time we celebrate the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Many of us may actually live to see it come true.

Happy New Year.