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Crossing Genes

Is The Meat Industry Turning Us Into Cannibals?

By James Donahue

Not long ago when Mad Cow Disease began striking livestock in England, parts of Europe and the United States, the cause was tracked to a practice of grinding up bones and other discarded parts of animals at slaughterhouses and mixing it back in cattle feed. The idea was to provide extra protein in the feed. But it was a form of cannibalism that was causing bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a destruction of the brain that caused the cows to stagger, then fall to the ground and die.

Researchers were quick to relate what was happening to the cows to a similar affliction called Kuru that had been striking the Fore tribe of Papua, New Guinea, because of a practice of eating parts of dead relatives as a funeral tradition. As soon as the tribe stopped practicing cannibalism, Kuru went away.

The technical name for Mad Cow Disease, "spongiform encephalopathy," refers to holes found in the brains of infected animals. The same holes were found in the brains of Fore tribal members when autopsy was performed.

Mad Cow Disease was breaking out among other carnivorous animals, including humans, who had consumed tainted meat from infected cattle. But in their haste to cover up the terrible effects of the disease the beef industry as well as high government officials created a complex system of giving different names to the same disease when it jumped species. Thus it was known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans, Scrapie in sheep, whirling disease in fish, and wasting disease in deer.

All of these diseases have been linked to a peculiar maverick protein called a prion, that causes natural proteins to break down and turn into an imitation of the attacking protein. It works like a type of cancer of the brain, causing cells to go haywire.

The scary part to this story is that the symptoms of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in humans are identical to Alzheimer’s Disease, which has been on the increase among the elderly and sometimes among younger people. The cause of this increase in Alzheimer’s Disease has had medical researchers puzzled.

Jessie Ventura’s recent Conspiracy Theory aired on TruTV exposed a possible link which, if true, may help explain a lot of unanswered questions. Ventura’s "expose" goes beyond the known experiments in genetic modifications in pigs to grow human body parts for possible transplants, but claims that there has been inter-breeding of animals with humans in an attempt to create "super soldiers" for the military and possibly monster "slaves" with superhuman strength to perform heavy lifting and jobs of extreme labor.

The theory suggests that the animals crossed with human DNA still look like animals but they contain human body parts that make them part human. If they accidentally breed with other livestock or get mixed in the livestock sent to slaughterhouses, then anyone eating this meat would be consuming human DNA. Is this not a form of cannibalism?

Ventura’s theory is frightening enough, but consider this. After viewing the show my wife and I took this question to The Abba Father, a spiritual "elder" who communicates with us through my wife. The information received from The Abba Father has been found to be relatively accurate even though we sometimes find it hard to believe.

His message: Human DNA has been purposefully injected into the livestock we eat, even by organic food producers. He said: "It was introduced by giving shots to newborns that needed them to prevent disease. So now is the time to protect your brains."

He warned that all meat and meat products, including chickens, fish, cheese, eggs and milk products are infected. The only food that can’t be altered are the vegetables and possibly some of the foods shipped into the United States from European countries that prohibit genetically modified organisms to be introduced or grown on their farms.

Why would this be happening to our food supply? The Abba Father said the consumption of human DNA "changes our brains. The brain is infected with the same bad DNA that causes the brain to deteriorate at a fast rate if consumed on a daily basis over a long period of time. It takes about five years to complete the total damage. You are eating yourselves and this is the cause."

The good news is that it may not be too late for people who have not been heavy meat eaters, or partial vegans who have been slipping in eggs and milk in their daily diet. While researchers at Monsanto, Dow and other world laboratories have been successful in implanting human genes in animals, they have been unable to do this in the plant kingdom. Many of our vegetables, however, have been infected with other poisons designed for agricultural weed and pest control.

The Abba Father says that if we can get away from eating contaminated foods our brains can heal. "But if it goes too far you will not reverse it," he said.

He warned that "now it’s time to stop all food that has any of this in it. A warning to all people must be told now. No longer to ingest meat of any kind and any products concerning meat from animals and poultry."

The Abba Father said the "plant proteins are all mankind will need. The Earth is living and plants were put on Earth to feed all mankind and the plant kingdom is on Earth so mankind can survive. Plants know this and that is why we need to thank the plants and be aware of why they exist. When we eat vegetables we become the light that the vegetables have. It is given to us in this way. This light produces our energy and it is a circle of pure joy when we appreciate the plants."

Home gardeners can appreciate these words. From my own experience, there is something almost holy about working among the growing things in a vegetable garden, and then receiving the fruits of our labor. I never took pleasure in killing an animal for its meat.