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Today Is 12-12-12!

By James Donahue

Today is one of those strange days when the Georgian Calendar declares that it is the twelfth day of the twelfth month in the year 2012. Thus we are marking 12-12-12 on our written checks and other notations marking the date.

For numerologists, psychics and people delving in esoteric matters, the strange alignment of the numbers obviously has significant meanings. For Mayan Calendar "end-of-the-world" theorists the day marks the ninth day before the Winter Solstice on December 21, the day the ancient calendar comes to an abrupt end. For the general public the day is being turned into a time of celebration and merchants, always anxious to attract customers, are offering 12-12-12 sales.

So what should we make of the numerological aspects of the day?

There is no doubt that the numbers are fun to play with. The number 12, for a starter contains two digits; the 1 and the 2. The occultists add these numbers to get the number 3. Thus the number 12 has a third component, with the number three suggesting the manifestation of a third dimension.

When we add all of the digits in the numbers 12-12-12, we come up with 9. As noted in a recent story on this site, 9 is a most unusual number. In addition to being a prime number, all numeric equations and even the measurements of the universe seem to end up at the number 9. Any number multiplied times 9 will give you a combination of numbers when added together will equal 9.

When we add 12 plus 12 plus 12 we get 36. Adding 3 and 6 we get the magic number 9. Somehow we cannot escape the number 9.

Three nines when turned upside down, give us 666, the mark of the beast. When added together, three nines equal 21, the date of the Winter Solstice and the dreaded day when the Mayan Calendar abruptly stops.

The number 3 is the first sacred or perfect number. It represents the Pagan Trinity. It is represented geometrically in the triangle and spiritually as the Third Eye of Hinduism. Occultists multiply and add three to other sacred numbers to create new numbers.

Since we have three digits of 3 appearing on this date, we thus produce the number 333. The occultists have long used 333 as a secret number representing the dreaded 666, the so-called number of the beast in the Book of the Revelation. The number 333 also is known as the number for Choronzon, the demon of chaos, confusion and dissolution.

Twelve is a higher octave of the number three. The number appears within a multi-dimensional grid or matrix of pyramids within such images as the Tree of Life, the astrological signs of the zodiac wheel and the alchemy wheel of time.

Humans have used 12 as an ancient standard for measurement. We have twelve months in a year and twelve hours on a clock. We measure by the foot, which contains 12 inches and sell by the dozen, the gross, or shilling, all representing numbers of 12.

There are 12 fruits of the Cosmic Tree, the pagans believed there were 12 days of return to chaos at the Winter Solstice, 12 days of Yuletide and Christmas and the Chinese recognize 12 Terrestrial Branches in time.

Religious belief systems utilize the number 12. Jesus, Buddha and Mithra each had 12 disciples, the Moslems say there were 12 descendants of Allah, and the Hebrews say there were 12 Tribes of Israel. The Christians mark 12 fruits of the spirit and 12 gates and foundation stones of the Holy City. The Celtics count 12 paladins of Charlemagne, and King Arthur’s court had 12 knights at the Round Table.

In the Book of the Revelation, we see the number 12 in constant use. There is a woman with a crown of 12 stars on her head. The New Jerusalem has 12 gates and on the gates are written the names of the 12 tribes. The wall of the city had 12 foundations and on them were the names of the 12 apostles. We also see the numbers 144 and 12,000 which are multiples of 12, 1,260 days, 42 months, time, times and half a time, three and a half days, a description of periods of persecution.

The number 12 comes up in so many of the sacred records, as well as the tools we use in our daily lives, like clocks and the purchase of baked goods, its roots lie deep in the collective unconsciousness. There is sacred geometry there. That the number is divisible by three, and when multiplied by the sacred numbers becomes an important number in itself.

When we look into the Tarot numbers, there is even more interesting stuff to discover.

The tarot card bearing the number one is called The Magician. He also is known as The Magus. His number is one, which also appears as "I." This is significant. The card deals with our ability to personally use our minds to tap into the spiritual forces and the light in our cells and use this inner power to cause events to turn out the way we desire.

Tarot card 2 is symbolized by the High Priestess, the guardian of secrets. She symbolizes the realms of our unconsciousness and thus can be our guide to our inner self and the potential that lies within us all.

The number 2 has a variety of meanings since it is comprised of two ones, or the Key 11, which in the Tarot is the Justice card. And this card can be linked to the Key 20, which is Judgment. We could really get into this 12-12-12 thing if we really want to examine it.

Adding 1 and 2 gives us 3, the Tarot card of The Empress. She represents the Mother, or the fertile creator and nurturer of life. She is also the origin of romance, art and the very best of living things.

Tarot Card 9 is The Hermit. This card symbolizes the need, or possibly our desire to seek time of peace, quiet and solitude. We all need a time of thought and contemplation before making important decisions in life. The card represents self-reflection, mediation and grounding.

Now we come to Tarot Card 12, which is The Hanged Man. At first thought one might think this image of a man hanging by one foot is a very bad omen. But it is a card that speaks of suspension, meditation and understanding sometimes through trial and personal sacrifice. By reaching this mental state we come to illumination about our place in the spiritual world that surrounds us.

The Hanged Man is the twelfth tarot card. Note that when we reverse the numbers we get 21, the World card. Of course it also is the date of the winter solstice.

We find that everything in the universe involves geometry and numbers. Numbers are a common language of the ages.

The Abba Father tells us that the numeric system and the way the numbers all interconnect are a gift to mankind. Thinking through such number games as this helps us organize our thoughts and keeps the circuits of our brains firing the way they were meant to fire. He says "all numbers are absolute and not by accident. The brain activity is structured and made up of all existing problems connected to numbers. Our lives depend on numbers, nothing else."

So celebrate the date 12-12-12. Be glad you are here to witness this date. It won’t come around again for another century.