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December 3, 2012; Day Of Decision

By James Donahue

This is the date when the unusual alignment of the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn occurred over the Great Pyramid of Giza. It happened during the early morning hours. And according to The Abba Father, the alignment marked the beginning of a time of decision and change for the world.

He told us on December 1 that the “Earth will tremble” from the events that will be occurring.” He said “a force is coming that will be unseen that causes strife and hardship.” He said this force comes to do battle and that a hidden spiritual war will be raging in the skies over our heads in the days and weeks to come.

The dark forces are coming to join the dark ruling forces that have had dominion over nations for centuries. Their purpose will be to destroy. But light forces also are arriving to help.

“The elders are here now but they will put this event into place so all mankind will have a chance to make about their heart waves . . . be prepared by knowing,” The Abba Father said. He said that even now the elders “are getting together to decide” our fate.

As if we haven’t already experienced great strife and hardship on this planet in recent years, this entity warned that things will get worse before they improve. He said humans will go through a period of great sadness and experience feelings of despair as this spiritual war continues among “hidden forces.”

Individual decisions must also be made by every human during this war. The Abba Father instructs us that if we choose to survive it is important that we raise our personal light frequency. He warns that failure to do this will be terrible. He said they will perish or “long for death.”

When it is over, the world will be freed of the alien forces that have enslaved the human race for centuries with a religious, monetary and materialistic system that has trapped us in a personal quest for wealth that has been beyond our reach. We will return to a time of world peace and harmony, as it was always meant to be.

Metaphysical writer and teacher Stuart Wilde wrote on December 2 about the “visions I’ve seen of the Celestial Beings coming through a portal into 3-D,” our three dimensional existence. Go to his website at www.stuartwilde.com to learn more.

Astrologer Risa D’Angeles also is foretelling of this event. In a recent column titled “The Great Awakening Proceeds,” she wrote: “As three great life cycles end, humanity is called to break free from old forms and break out into new forms of creative self-expression and communication.”

The Abba Father has been teaching us for years how to turn on our inner light and prepare for this day. He says every cell in our body contains a light. By just thinking of a single cell and calling on it to glow bright, we start a chain reaction in our bodies. As soon as that single cell begins to glow, the others around it also light up. Eventually all of the cells in the body are alight. The effect of all this light is a loving one. People around us sense the light and soon they, too, experience the lighting of their cells.

To combat the pain and discomfort that will be caused by this great spiritual war, The Abba Father instructs us to "turn on your light. Make it brighter every day you live. This will help others tune into this same energy. This will save mankind from harm. Circle your body in light. Then tell others to do the same. Pass this on to as many as you can. The light will become a beacon of hope."