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Agenda 21

Are World Governments Implementing "Agenda 21"?

By James Donahue

A 300-page document drafted during a United Nationals conference on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992 is known simply as Agenda 21. It is an innocuous sounding name for a world-wide plan designed to save the human race from a looming extinction caused by overpopulation, climate change and exhaustion of natural resources.

Agenda 21 has been severely attacked by various critics who have explored its voluminous pages filled with the usual government jargon and boilerplate because it offers a radical approach to population reduction, general lifestyle and control of properties.

"What they’re going to do is, they’re going to control everything by government," warned television commentator Ann-Marie Murrell. "They’re going to put all the people in housing in one spot. We’re going to have to use mass transportation, not your own car. They’re going to connect all the wilderness and pretend they’re saving nature and they love the earth. What basically it comes down to is the abolishment of private property."

Agenda 21 is described as a set of guidelines designed to promote sustainable living, conservation of the earth and resource management. The United States and 177 other nations have expressed support of the document. But it is not a legal treaty and the U. S. Senate has never voted ratification. But is it secretly being implemented anyway?

The document is technically described by the United Nations as "the objective of sustainable development to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity."

With the creation of the World Trade Commission and approval of trade agreements between the major industrialized nations, the formation of a world banking system and the collaborations of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, nations in the Northern Hemisphere have long been working toward a one-world-government.

Since coming to power in Venezuela, Socialist Hugo Chavez has been instrumental in bringing the Latin American nations into an organization called the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas.

There has been a major movement of business and industry with nations like China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and the European Common Market joining the industrial and technical business world with the United States. This has caused a social upheaval as workers and employers find themselves caught up in a vortex of social and economic instability as the national boundaries begin to disintegrate and monetary systems slowly move toward world stability and balance.

The United States, long the dominant force in both industrial and economic power, has been among the hardest hit nations as jobs and wealth leach off into other parts of the world.

These appear to be only the first agonies of the fulfillment of Agenda 21. What comes next may be much harder for humanity to accept. There is a dramatic social upheaval looming that will affect everyone as the world moves toward a socialistic system of controlling and sharing of resources, and a radical reduction in population.

With the world already calculated to be unable to sustain the current human population of 6 billion at the current way planet resources are being used up, it is clear that the problems will be compounded if we allow the world’s population to continue growing. It is predicted that at the current rate of growth, we could reach a whopping 21 billion people by the year 2100. We are literally breeding ourselves into extinction.

Agenda 21 calls for an 80 percent global population reduction. That’s right. The word is "reduction." That means that 5.8 billion humans must be in some way eliminated by the year 2100 if the human race hopes to avoid total annihilation. Without taking such radical steps, we will run out of food, air, clean water, healthy farmland, oil and all of the other resources the Mother Earth so richly provides.

How will this reduction in our numbers be achieved? This is one of the controversial elements behind a number of conspiracy theories circulating around the Internet and even on nightly television documentaries.

One such story involves the so-called FEMA camps allegedly being built to house large numbers of people in specific locations of the country. It is said that these camps are large enough to contain thousands of people in compact apartment-styled compartments. They are surrounded by six-foot high steel fences with armed guards at the gates. So far the camps that have been completed remain empty.

The storage of hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins in various places is yet another part of this fear-based conspiracy theory. Is a deadly plague like smallpox about to be unleashed on the world? Are the plastic coffins there in preparation for the handling of all of the people calculated to perish?

Some theorize that the population control will be accomplished in more humane ways. They point to strategies like Codex Alimentarius, a global plan hatched within the United Nations to establish controls on the production, sale and use of food, food supplements and including vitamins and minerals everywhere. Codex Alimentarius is a Latin phrase that simply means "food rules." The rules, which have already been adopted by some European countries, not only prohibit the purchase and consumption of natural health products but tend to force people into eating the toxic genetically modified foods grown by industrial farms. These foods are not only laced with harmful chemicals but they are grown on poorly tended soils devoid of the natural minerals needed to keep us healthy.

Is the Food and Drug Administration in an alliance with companies like Monsanto to allow the marketing of foods that will cause Americans to get fat, lose their natural immunity and fall into general poor health?

Agenda 21 has been described as a "whole life plan." There are whispers within of some of the concepts promoted by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. The plan involves education, energy, transportation, government, health care, food production and a total control of our lives from birth to death. All property belongs to the state.

Is this where the world is being systematically directed, or was Agenda 21 simply an idea being kicked around by world strategists some 20 years ago that was never taken seriously?

Could it be that world governments are simply drifting in the direction of Agenda 21 concepts out of necessity?