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Communication Control

Looming Threat To Internet Freedoms

By James Donahue

With growing reports of cyber-attacks on government and corporate computer systems, there is evidence that President Barack Obama and his staff is preparing a national defense against what he has referred to as "cyber warfare."

The concern is that with so many public and private systems now operating on electronic computerized links to the web it may be possible for hackers to literally shut down banks, the military, government offices, the electric grid, the railroads and just about every phase of the nation’s regular business in a series of well-planned attacks.

This is what President Obama was referring to when he spoke of financing defenses against cyber warfare during a recent debate with Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Mr. Obama appears to be doing more than just talking about this issue. A recent report in From The Trenches website noted that Associated Press obtained a copy of a draft presidential executive order on "cyber security" that is expected to be issued soon. The story said the order would force "U.S. spy agencies to share the latest intelligence about cyber threats with companies operating electric grids, water plants, railroads and other vital industries to help protect them from electronic attacks."

The story noted that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, in testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, said on September 19 that the executive order granting the president "sweeping power over the Internet" is near completion. She said the order is still being drafted and vetted in high-level offices.

The concern is what Napolitano meant by "sweeping power over the Internet." As has happened in other so-called federal acts allegedly designed to "protect" the people and the operations of business in the United States, we must question whether this looming executive order might be a planned attack on free Internet communications in disguise.

Blogger Stuart Wilde in his October 27 report "Internet Lockdown" suggests that this is exactly what is about to happen. Wilde wrote: "There is talk of Internet control and surveillance loosely veiled as an anti-terrorist device. But it’s a lot of cobblers, nothing of the sort is true."

Wilde reports that the major television news outlets "are losing viewers at an alarming rate. People are fed up with the propaganda. CNN’s figures are down 25 percent recently. Sixty percent of Americans no longer watch the network news and its nauseous drip feed.

"The alternative news on the Internet has replaced the official media lies. The alternative media has exposed Obama’s killer drones, 911, Monsanto and GM foods, contrails, the police state, the bribes American Senators get from Israel, The Federal Reserve, the shysters on Wall Street, Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Goldman Saks, and on and on."

Because of the Internet, Wilde wrote, "people are very aware nowadays of the manipulation of the Fat Controllers and the way people’s rights are being eroded. There is a revolution brewing to unseat Bernanke and the Zionist control of America. . .

"Wall Street as a free market is over, and while people may protest, in the end those markets only exist nowadays for the shysters to fleece investors. Volumes have dropped dramatically as investors who have been burned stay away."

Wilde stated that all of this "has spooked the powers-that-be . . . so fascist laws will be enacted to close down the alternative voice and anyone stating ‘the Jews dun it’ will be labeled a terrorist and their sites will be closed down.

"So Internet control is bound to come, the authorities can’t trust the truth coming out," Wilde concluded.