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Stern Warning!

Will This Be Humanity’s Last Chance?

By James Donahue

If the Abba Father’s stern warning of a global spiritual war designed to free mankind from centuries of enslavement is correct, perhaps it will be our last chance to become the spiritual beings we were always designed to be.

In the long discourse received from this spiritual advisor on November 4, we were not only told about the war slated to begin on December 3, but also issued this: "Stern warning comes this time to make peace on Earth. Spiritual consciousness comes that will connect all human hearts together."

Indeed, if we are to survive the dismal effects of the war going on in the skies surrounding our planet, The Abba Father has instructed us to turn on our inner light and then learn to surround ourselves with a bubble or glow of our light. This will ward off the sadness and feelings of despair that will be coming. It will also attract the people around us to turn on their natural cellular lights.

With all of our lights glowing, the effect is a warm feeling of love and compassion for one another. Imagine a world where all humans share in this same sense of love and enlightenment. Imagine a world where we all realize our potential as creators of our own realities and where everything we think and do is for the overall good of our Mother Earth and the creatures that share this world.

From all of the great archaeological digs around the world, we have found evidence that humanity may have been down this troublesome road in the ancient past, and always failed. Without going into details, which can be found elsewhere on this site, we mention the signs in the sand of nuclear explosions that once occurred, of crafted jewelry, iron objects, nails, gold models of jet aircraft and even an ancient spark plug found deep in the rock.

We also find carvings in the rock, left by ancient relatives, depicting flying space craft and humanoid figures dressed in space suits. The ancient writings in the Book of Genesis, Epic of Gilgamesh and other text tell of visitors who came from the sky and lived among the humans.

Some have suggested that these visiting aliens tampered with the DNA of primitive man and turned animals into modern humans. But was there a purpose to what was done? Is this when the world was invaded by an alien race of beings who came to exploit our resources and enslave the humans they created?

The Abba Father says these rulers of the earth "want destruction not peace. They will not win (the looming war) but are very powerful. They have ruled on earth for centuries so built up in their brains is the will to destroy. This is all they live for."

He told us that the pyramids "are not of this earth. They are structures to process strong energy force needed to land craft here."

The Abba Father then gave us a strange obviously incomplete story about past attempts to use the pyramids that failed. "Technology will finally become reality to operate this way. Pyramids are needed to put back the newer process coming here on earth. This was tried before but failed. This time it is necessary to go forward and put all in place. The crafts will not all be against the humans. This is why war is on."

Who are the ruling powers controlling our lives at this time?

The Abba Father said that "a one-world-government is now in place. Your lives will become ridden with rules because of this." He said the rulers are "powerful ones with money. They cannot be known now. Kings are there. Presidents are there. Military ones are there.

He identified another power figure: "Tron is there. This one is the ultimate force that tells them how to operate and rule the masses."

The name Tron as a dark force has come up in messages in the past. It is interesting to note that this name is a major component in the word "electronics." That the people of the world are now linked by a complex web of electronic circuitry that controls communications, electric power, computers, aircraft, ships at sea and many of the objects we use in our homes and businesses seems to be linked to this same force.

Change appears to be upon us. Will we be ready for it? And when given the chance this time, will be get it right?