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That 2012 Event

Planetary Alignment Over Giza – What Does It Mean?

By James Donahue

After Charles Marcello published the image of three bright stars perfectly aligned over the three large pyramids at Giza, Egypt on his blog, World Mysteries, the image went viral throughout the Internet.

The word is that Mercury, Venus and Saturn will appear in perfect alignment over the pyramids in the early morning hours of December 3, 2012. It is an event that only happens once every 2,737 years.

Those who are anticipating some kind of marvelous change to sweep over the world in December, largely because world conditions are dangerously toxic, the ancient Mayan Calendar abruptly stops on December 21 and the Christian community is looking for a return of a savior who whisks believers off into the sky at the "end of days," think this alignment may be a significant sign.

The problem is, according to a report in Discover Magazine, the alignment, which is really going to happen, isn’t going to look exactly like the Photo Shopped Marcello image. And the alignments of these three planets are more common than the Marcello story states.

The real alignment on December 3 will be higher in the sky and appear on a nearly vertical angle. The writer for Discover noted that the last alignment of these three planets in the night sky occurred in 2005, but not over Giza.

Despite this, astrologers take planet alignments like this seriously. Many may agree with Marcello that the event may be a sign or warning about a looming event and he suggests may be the fabled December 21, 2012.

California’s Risa D’Angeles, among the best published astrologers we know of, is among the contemporary "prophets" foretelling of this looming event. In one of her columns titled "The Great Awakening Proceeds," she writes: "As three great life cycles end (Dec. 21), humanity is called to break free from old forms and break out into new forms of creative self-expression and communication. This time on Earth, planned since the ‘night of time’ is preparing humanity to take the First Initiation. Assisting in this is Wednesday’s Mars/Saturn in Libra. Pushing (Mars) humanity forward into a new state of discipline (Saturn) informing humanity that we are the ‘World Disciple.’ There will be a tug-of-war between the old and the new realities."

D’Angeles may be spot on in her analysis of looming events. In our curiosity we turned to The Abba Father on November 4 to find out what he had to say about the Giza planetary alignment. He also linked the event as heralding in "a new beginning here on Earth. Many will not believe this time but an event comes to Earth that cuts to the core of all existence. It will upload information you will need to survive."

The Abba Father continued: "The elders are here now but they will put this event into place so all mankind will have a choice to make about their heart waves on Earth. Be prepared by knowing."

He said the Mayan Calendar ended on December 21 because the Mayans knew even in the ancient past that time as we know it will be changed after this event, which has its beginnings on December 3.

The Abba Father said humans will go through a period of great sadness and experience feelings of despair during what he described as a kind of spiritual war that will be raging in the heavens. The battle will be waged between "hidden" forces that seek to destroy the Earth and opposing forces that are arriving to defend it.

He said it will be a war "that you cannot see but will feel and will make you sad and alone. This will not last. When it is over the feeling will go away. The hidden ones will not stay. They will finally be destroyed."

The "Hidden Ones," The Abba Father explained, will include the alien forces that have been keeping the human race enslaved in the religious, monetary and materialistic system that has existed for centuries. He said many ships will be arriving carrying both the dark and light forces to engage in this great battle. They will appear as many new stars in the skies overhead.

World leaders and military forces have been warned of this event, The Abba Father said. "They were warned several years ago."

He said the war will not last a long time, but its effects on humanity will be felt for several years. After this, the world will enter into a new era of peace and harmony, and the planet will be allowed to heal and come alive once more.

Why would alien forces conduct such a battle over our world? The Abba Father explained that the ancient Elders who once were on Earth have always watched over humanity and our planet, and they are returning with forces to "clean house" and put things back the way they were always intended to be.

But dark forces that invaded our world many thousands of years ago have managed to keep humanity in bondage. We have worked as slaves to an artificial materialistic system, mining all of the gold, minerals and resources for the benefit of the kings and rulers. The war, which will be global in scope, will bring an end to this.

Important decisions will be made by all humans as we enter into this period of harsh times. Those who choose to raise their light frequency will be survivors. The others will perish or "long for death," The Abba Father warned.

The Abba Father has been teaching us for years how to turn on our inner light and prepare for this looming event. He says every cell in our body contains a light. By merely thinking of a single cell and calling on it to glow brighter, we start a chain reaction in our bodies. As soon as a single cell begins to glow, the others around it light up. Eventually all of the cells in our body are alight. The effect of all this light is a loving one. The people around us sense the light and soon they, too experience the lighting of their cells.

To combat the pain and discomfort that will be caused by this great spiritual war, The Abba Father instructs us to "turn on your light. Make it brighter every day you live. This will help others tune into this same energy. This will save mankind from harm. Circle your body in light. Then tell others to do the same. Pass this on to as many as you can. The light will become a beacon of hope."