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Secret Messages

Movie Plot May Have Been Surprisingly Close to the Truth

By James Donahue

Remember the Hollywood film "The Omega Code?" It was a science-fiction thriller about some Bible scholars who discovered a secret code in that ancient book that gives a formula for controlling the world.

Naturally the plot turned into a fast-paced thrill ride, where the good guys battle the elements of evil over computer disks or tapes which contained this deadly information.

The movie appears to be a contemporary version of the old Bible prophecy about the rise of the antichrist and his sidekicks, the beast and the false prophet, who proceed to take over the world and launch the predicted seven years of tribulation. The villain in the story was a dark individual who wears black and uses advanced computer technology to break codes.

The creator of this movie plot was obviously drawing information from the collective unconsciousness of the universe, because the story is so close to the truth it is a little spooky.

There is, indeed, a code in the Bible. Scholars who study such things have discovered that anyone who goes back to the ancient Hebrew or Greek text, and then sets aside certain letters in a sequence (I heard its every 10th letter in a line although various other combinations work), and place them side by side, they will spell out words. The words contain names of people and things that sometimes can be interpreted as a message.

There has been so much interest in this discovery that computer programmers developed software that will explore the scriptures for you, find key words and interpret them for you in English.

The Christian world has gleefully grabbed this information to promote its sacred book as something even more wonderful than was originally thought. What they don't know is that they are discovering something about ourselves that we should have known for thousands of years, but forgot.

Any book in your house, even the Sunday newspaper, or this column, contains the same "code" or secret message. We all do it. With a little experimentation you can break the code on your own and you don't need a fancy computer game to help you.

Start by taking every third or fourth letter, and if that doesn't work, increase it to fifth and sixth, until you begin to see complete words emerge. Once you find the right formula, you have broken the code of that particular writer. Examine the words and you find the subconscious thought that went on as the writer did his work.

Another way of finding secret messages involves using a tape recorder that will play your message backwards. Read the sentences aloud into the tape recorder, then play the message backwards. You may hear English words emerge from the strange sounds of backward speech. Once you hear a word, look for the pattern of letters in the sentence that make up that word and count the number of characters between them. That will give you the formula.

What I am saying is that the Bible is not an amazing book from God that is filled with secret messages that can be used by the antichrist to take over the world. It is a book written by men who did the same thing we all do. They spoke from the subconscious mind when they talked and wrote words.

When you work on the formula, be prepared for a shock or two. Sometimes the words you find in the "code" contradict the message from which it comes. Taped messages of politicians have revealed lies and deceit when played backwards. Don't expect to find complete sentences. Just words, which joined, sometimes give you a message.

The Christians, who believe in an external god, stake all of their hopes on a book written by men, many of whom were attempting to create a Hebrew heritage within a nomadic tribe that presented them as much more than they ever were.

The men who wrote the Old Testament, indeed, placed subconscious messages within its pages. Dig them out and you might be surprised at what they say. There might even be a few lines of truth to be found. That's more than we should expect to find in the rest of the book.

Since God is an internal force, living in all of us, it is my belief that anything any of us writes on paper can be interpreted as something just as holy as the words in the scriptures. For this reason we should be conscious of who we are when we write and speak.