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Korean War Rhetoric

North Korea Threat? Who Is Kidding Whom?

By James Donahue

All of the media attention being given to North Korea's pompous and youthful new dictator Kim Jong Un would be an international joke if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of people believe he has a few nukes and the possible capability of lobbing them around at the tip of a missile if he is provoked.

Chances are the North Korean military hasn't yet achieved this level of technology since that little nation has only had one somewhat successful launch of a long-range missile in December that sent a 220-pound weather satellite tumbling out of control....but in orbit.

The three nuclear tests, believed to have been exploded underground in 2006, 2009 and earlier this year, suggest that North Korea indeed has the bomb. But experts do not believe that little nation has yet developed a delivery system to be concerned about.

So Kim Jong Un's "war rhetoric" against South Korea, the U. S. troops stationed at the Korean border and the United States is probably not to be taken seriously.

While this puggey little man obviously has a powerful army and land-based military system at his disposal, and could impose a lot of death and destruction if he chooses to attack U.S. forces and the South Koreans, such an act would probably bring about his own destruction unless other world powers like China get involved.

Based on the best information we could find, the North Korean Air Force is composed of obsolete 1960s vintage Russian-made Mig jets and its Navy contains about four submarines, three frigates, two corvettes and a cluster of small torpedo and gunboats. One U.S. carrier would make short work of both the North Korean navy and air force within a few hours.

Should North Korea's military dare to lob a nuke over the border to strike Seoul, the fallout from such a blast might just blow back over their own people, causing terrible destruction on both sides of the border.

The Koreans are a lovely, smart and industrial people, as has been proven by the way South Korea has quickly recovered from the horrors of the Korean War and developed into a major industrial and commercial complex doing business with the world.

The North Koreans, under the suppression of dictatorial rule, have invested their time and talents into building a miliary machine and feeding the hunger of its gluttonous regime.

But this is not to sell the North Koreans short. They are as smart and capable as their cousins in South Korea, and if provoked, they could become a formitable thorn in the world's side before its all over.