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The Dropa

The China Alien Connection

By James Donahue 

There was a story about a team of Chinese scientists traveling to the remote western province of Qinghai to investigate reports of a mystery pyramid that local legend claims is an ancient launch tower left by aliens.

According to the story released by China's state-run Xinhua agency, the mystery pyramid is located on Mt. Baigong in an extremely harsh and uninhabited part of the world. Those who have seen it say there are three caves with triangular openings on the fašade. The structure is filled with red-hued pipes leading into the mountain and a nearby salt water lake. Rusty iron scraps, pipes and strange shaped stones can be found scattered around in the area.

That the government of China would permit a public news statement about a scientific investigation of a possible alien/UFO landing-site suggests that the Communist Chinese government is relaxed about public consideration of alien life.

Rumors of clandestine meetings by military personnel and alien visitors in the church-oriented United States (and various other countries of the world) have always been denied in official circles. President George W. Bush extended the "top secret" status of Nevada's controversial Area 51 site where rumor has it that crashed alien craft are brought, reassembled and even test flown.

China's old bamboo curtain served for years to help make the politics and culture of that nation an enigma to the rest of the world. Yet there have been some surprising stories seeping out of the shadows about a history of possible UFO and alien encounters.

There is a story, for example, about an archaeologist named Chi Pu Tei, who in 1938 discovered a strange alignment of graves in the Baian Kara Ula Mountains, near the Sino-Tibetan border. In the graves were small, frail skeletal remains of beings that had unusually large skulls. Nearby were found cave drawings of these beings wearing helmets.

In 1962 researchers found the first of 716 record-like stone disks with tiny markings on them that appeared to be writing.

The stones were very hard, made of granite and concentrations of cobalt and other metals. The inscriptions were so tiny it required a magnifying glass to examine them.

The disks are about nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick. In the center is a round hole. Etched on its face is a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim, making the disk look similar to a phonograph record.

The disks remained in storage for another 20 years at Beijing University before a professor Tsum Um Nui came upon them and translated the writing.

Tsum Um Nui was astounded to learn that the stones told a story of an alien people called the Dropa, who came to this planet about 12,000 years ago, crash landed, and could not leave. The story said the Dropa attempted to befriend the local natives. Because they looked strange, the native tribes hunted them. Many were killed.

There is evidence that some of the Dropa survived and still live in the area today. There are two tribes of people who call themselves the Dropa and the Han. It is said the people are neither of Chinese nor Tibetan origin.

The people in both tribes are pygmies, with the adults measuring between three and one-half to four and one-half feet tall. They are yellow skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads. They have uniquely large eyes with pale blue irises.

German author Hartwig Hausdorf recently published a book, "The Chinese Roswell; UFO Encounters in the Far East from Ancient Times to the Present."

In his book, Hausdorf examines the Dropa story, a 1,000-foot white pyramid at Xian, and numerous other artifacts and constructions of ancient China. He also extends his work into Tibet, Mongolia and even Japan. He concludes there is found here an elusive, primordial alien remnant, especially in the myth and ancient pictograms that depict flying machines.

If the stories, especially about the Dropa, have been accurately told, there is strong evidence in this remote part of our planet that aliens from other worlds live among us.

Indeed, the Dropa may be among the late arrivals. It also suggests that the humanoid form is common in three-dimensional existence.

That we humans come in so many varied colors and portray so many different racially defined physical models, suggests that many, if not all of us sprouted from ancient alien stock.

Our origins may be in space and not from the amoebae as evolutionists might suggest.