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Theta Healer Suzie Donahue’s New Radio Show

By James Donahue

Followers of Theta Healer Suzie Donahue will be pleased to know that Ms. Donahue has launched her own one-hour show on Radio KRXA-540 in Monterey, California.

The show, which aired for the first time on March 16, can be heard on line by going to http://krxa540.com/. It is broadcast live from the Monterey studio each Saturday at 6 p.m. Pacific Time or 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

During the show Donahue opens with lectures offering insight on the benefits of Theta Healing as an alternative source of healing both physical and mental issues and then she works with listeners who call during the live broadcast.

Suzie holds a Masters and Certificate of Science from the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge. She has been a frequent guest on the Lyanla Vanzant Show on HayHouse Radio.

She describes Theta Healing as a method of consciously using the theta brain wave to connect to the energy that binds and intertwines all things in existence. This energy, she says "is the most loving, wise, intelligent energy that has the power to heal, change or manifest anything, yet has no agenda. It just is."

Ms. Donahue teaches that this energy exists in every person, and that once we understand how to reach it, we all have the power to heal our bodies and manifest anything we wish for our lives. The problem is that we are all laden with subconscious blocks based upon religious and social teachings from our childhood or from past life experiences that make it impossible for us to accept the potential gifts from this amazing energy source.

Suzie’s work involves "digging" into those subconscious beliefs and then having them removed so that personal lives can be dramatically changed. She says she also has successfully experimented with behavior modification on animals.

Theta Healing was discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal of Idaho Falls, who was suffering from a rare form of bone cancer and facing amputation of a leg because of extreme deterioration of the bone. She was a practicing psychic and massage therapist and did not want to submit to such a radical medical treatment. By putting herself in a certain mental state she discovered an amazing link to a higher state that brought her back to full health. Stibal today is free of cancer and the bone in her leg is completely regenerated.

Stibal put a name on the treatment method, ThetaHealing®. She experimented with others and began teaching others how to use it. Since then, and with the cost of conventional medicine and health insurance benefits skyrocketing, Theta Healing has been growing in popularity as a holistic medical alternative.

The concept is gaining attention in medical circles.

Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi at Tokyo University in Japan, met with Stibal, became interested in Theta Healing, and wrote that the staff members at the hospital he serves have expressed an interest in learning Theta Healing.

Tune in to hear Suzie Donahue’s radio broadcast each Saturday evening. Call Suzie on the air at 831-899-KRXA/5792. You can call her directly to arrange personal appointments at 831-689-9942 or email her at: suzie@thetahealingbenefits.com. Visit her website at: www.thetahealingbenefits.com. The shows are podcast via the website so they can be heard at more convenient times.