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Earth Cries

Eerie Unexplained "Moaning" Sounds

By James Donahue

It was early morning and the snow was swirling before the winter wind around our home as I lay listening to the sounds of city trucks, busy clearing the streets in a nearby neighborhood. Those ubiquitous backup beepers were moving closer and I thought it would only be a matter of minutes before they were operating on our street.

Suddenly the sounds of the trucks were overwhelmed by a strange and eerie blast of what sounded like a fog horn…..or possibly some other type of large guttural sound. It was a long blast that was followed by yet another, but this time at a slightly higher range, as if it were a fanatical effort to produce a tune. There were two or three more blasts of this strange and mournful sound and then all was silent. Even the sounds of the trucks had stopped.

I drifted off to sleep after this and thought little more about it until the following afternoon when I heard this odd sound once again….this time it appeared to be coming from the other side of the ship canal separating our community from the mainland of Michigan. As I thought about it, I could not imagine what kind of human-manufactured device would be operating in mid-winter that would produce such a deep and sorrowful sound.

I thought of a story recently produced among the "Jack Sprat" issues concerning what this man called "unexplained trumpet sounds" being heard all over the world.

As one writer expressed it:

"All over the world people are experiencing strange music and noise from the earth and the firmament above. Sometimes it comes from the sky as droning trumpets that sound notes in the lower to middle registers." The sounds were described as moans of "somber blasts" that cause those that hear them go into a "state of foreboding."

An excellent recording of these macabre sounds was made in Kiev, Ukraine, on Aug, 11, 2011. Click YouTube to hear it.

We turned to the Abba Father for an answer to this strange issue. His answer was disconcerting but as plausible as any I might have imagined:

"Worn out Earth is sick and needs sleep," he said. "Moan is from the Earth’s core. The center of the Earth is cooling down to let Earth’s center stay stronger so now on the Earth’s surface will become colder than normal. Healing is now taking place and causes the sounds on top of the Earth. Like a molten metal that suddenly cools down. This is the sound you hear."

He didn’t say how long this period might last. Once healed, The Abba Father said the Earth will awaken "to a new beginning."