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Terrible Visions

Abba Father: Pope Benedict XVI Was The Last Pope

By James Donahue

The shock of the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI may have shaken members of the Roman Catholic faith, but if The Abba Father is correct, Benedict will go down in history as the last Pope.

The reason for the failure among the church cardinals to select a successor may be even more shocking than Benedict’s resignation. The Abba Father warns that Mount Etna is about to explode with a blast so powerful it makes much of Italy and the Vatican uninhabitable.

The message as it was received on February 20: “Benedict cannot stay inside the Vatican he now lives. He will become the last Pope because of an urgent mountain near there explodes very soon. It will become a toxic area never to be occupied again.”

When asked for more details, The Abba Father said: “Etna is rumbling as we speak. It is off the charts. This is being held back by the media right now. A very dark cloud comes there. Very large area called Rome is no longer habitable by humans. Etna destroys all vegetation. All humans will become sickened from the ash. Instead they hide underground but that cannot be tolerated so boats are used to transport them to another area. Safer there.”

We asked about the future of the Roman Catholic Church we were told: “Catholic Church will not continue.”

There has been a strange succession of prophetic messages warning that the final Pope was to take office at about this time and that there would be a terrible catastrophic event that destroys the Vatican.

Best known to church historians are the prophetic warnings of St. Malachy, a Twelfth Century bishop of Armagh, Ireland, who was reportedly summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II in the year 1139. As the story was told, in an account published in 1595 by Benedictine historian Arnold de Wyon, Malachy experienced a vision while in Rome and recorded them on a manuscript held in the Vatican archive. They were discovered in 1590.

This bishop said he saw a line of 112 popes culminating with a final pontiff that would be known as Peter the Roman. He would follow the reign of “Gloria Olivae,” or glory of the olive. The monastery of St. Benedict, for whom Pope Benedict took is title, is symbolized by an olive branch.

The St. Malachy prophecy states that Peter the Roman will rule during a period of great tribulation when “the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people.” Rome has long been known as the “city of seven hills.”

The Book of the Revelation, Chapters 17 and 18 appear to give a graphic description of the looming destruction of Rome. There we read: “the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth,” and the seven heads envisioned “are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.”

Verse 18 says: “her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” Is this not a description of the effects of a massive volcanic eruption?

There are at least two other alarming prophecies that offer very similar warnings.

A common German farmer, Matthias Stormberger, recorded some remarkable visions of the future in 1830 that have literally come to pass. He envisioned the two great wars, the Great Depression, the advent of the automobile, steam powered railroads, aircraft and the falling away of the Roman Catholic Church.

Of the latter Stormberger said: “The Catholic faith will almost completely disappear, the religiousness will be quite badly respected. They will not earn any respect due to their way of living.” He also said: “There won’t be many good Christians among the people, the Commandments of God are no longer respected by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker. One will not think the greatest unfairness to be a sin. When the faith disappears also the love of the next one will completely lose itself.” He said during these times the poor “will be less respected than a dog.”

Also the famed French prophet, Nostradamus, may also have envisioned the destruction of the Vatican and the end of the line of popes. Author Jack Manuelian, in his book Nostradamus: Predictions of World War III,” closely examines verses that he believes predict the fall of the Roman Catholic Church.

Manuelian said he believes the verses warned that a final pope who will sit “in biting activity” will bring down the church. He said the Nostradamus quatrains state that the Vatican may be destroyed by fire or war and that the pontiff will be forced to flee to France.

The book quotes and paraphrases a verse that reads: “In a short time the physician of great evil and the leech of unequal order will put the Olive Branch on fire. The post of the pope will be moved from one coast to another, and by so great fire their empire will be accosted that the heat will evaporate the saliva in the mouth.”

In Quatrain 57, Nostradamus wrote: “Before the conflict the great wall will fall. The great one will die a hasty and lamented death. (The final pope) will navigate the see close to the river. The earth will be tainted with blood.”

That so many people have shared prophetic visions of the terrible destruction of Rome and the Vatican, and the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church by fire, must be disconcerting to Catholics who have studied these prophecies. We may all see this terrible event come to pass before our eyes, possibly within weeks.

If this pope who will be called Peter the Roman ever takes his seat, the conclave of cardinals gathering at the Vatican may have to speed their work. Mount Etna has been rumbling and spewing great clouds of flame, lava and ash in the last few days. This volcano has been so regularly active that the natives of the Island of Sicily, who live under its great shadow, do not get alarmed.


Filed February 21, 2013