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Living In The Moment

Mind Control 10 – Illusion Of Time

By James Donahue

It is said that the secret to enjoying life is taking pleasure in present moment awareness. As I write these words, I am seated at my computer, sipping a rich morning cup of coffee and feeling glad to be warm, comfortable and alive as winter storms swirl about the house. I know I have a loving wife in the next room, good neighbors and three grown daughters who keep in regular contact. How much better can it get?

But for this retired newspaper writer, the daily media call, the stories of the terrible events that occurred in the past and prognostications of great dangers in the future are always working on the mind. Indeed, the very nature of the work I do takes me to these dark places. Worse yet, I know I am leading my readers there along with me.

There is constant worry about rising prices of food, of paying our bills, keeping our jobs, dealing with medical problems, remaining safe from changing weather patterns and severe storms, hoping our elected leaders can make the right decisions to keep our nation out of war and terrorist attack. The issues bombarding us daily almost boggle the mind.

But stop and think about what is happening to us for a moment. Feel a consciousness of where you are and your surroundings. Enjoy the moment. It is a fleeting thing, but each moment of every day is followed by another and yet another moment, often just like it.

If you have a cat or dog in the house, notice how they live. They are totally divorced from the artificial terrors that slam our brains. They live for each precious moment, enjoying their existence in so many ways. This is the way of the animal world. And when you think about it, we live in animal bodies. Why should our lives be so troubled?

Not only do we worry about the future, we are goaded by social norms to regret things done in the past. Sometimes we carry grudges. These things affect our actions, the way we think, and our ability to think of the pleasure of the moment. This is what Liza Vassallo is pointing out when listing her tenth type of mind control as an illusion of time.

The root of this problem is that we are programmed to fear every aspect of the world around us. Our consciousness is constantly being manipulated into always looking into past events and the possible horrors of what might happen tomorrow. Because of these fears, we fail to appreciate the moment. In fact, we often find ourselves ineffective in dealing with happy moments, or personal issues when they come our way.