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Mothman Rises Again?

Pennsylvania’s Giant Winged Humanoid

By James Donahue

Remember the Mothman sightings at Point Pleasant, West Virginia that stirred a book and a Hollywood film after numerous sightings of a man-sized bird creature were reported from November 1966 to December 1967? Well it appears the creature has returned . . . this time in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

A collection of reports published on the UFO Anomalies Zone blog site strongly suggests that either the Mothman has returned, or another large winged beast is fluttering its way around the countryside.

In the early morning hours of March 18, 2011, an unidentified man driving on a rural road in Butler County, between Chicora and East Brady, said he saw a tall muscular creature rise up and move across the road about 50 yards in front of his vehicle and disappear in the trees. He described it as a humanoid figure that stood at least eight feet tall. It walked on legs that appeared to bend backward, and its hands looked like claws. He said he also saw what appeared to be wings tucked into the rear of the body, with the wing tips extending toward the side of the head.

There was more than one sighting of this creature in the area. Dan Hageman, director of the Butler Organization of Research on the Unexplained, said he received several reports. He said two witnesses driving to Butler on March 26, 2011, also reported seeing an eight-foot-tall winged entity with a muscular body. They said its head was pointed and the face appeared flat. They also saw claws where the fingers should have been. When it crossed the road it appeared to lope like an animal.

In Fayette County, Pennsylvania, a man walking his dog on March 18, 2012, said he heard a whooshing sound in the sky. When he looked up he saw a large flying creature that looked to him like a dragon. He estimated the creature to be about 22 feet long and had a wingspan of about 18 feet. The body was shiny and reflective. The head was "cone shaped" and it appeared to have claws for fingers. He said the mouth and eyes were illuminated with an ominous orange glow.

Site publisher Stan Gordon includes yet another eerie report from a man in Washington County, Pennsylvania, who around 1 a.m. on April 23, 2012, stepped outside his home to investigate an odd screeching sound. The man and his wife both saw what they thought was a deer standing in a creek about 20 feet from the house. Then it turned its head and showed an elongated face with round amber glowing eyes. Suddenly the creature flew off into the sky at a high rate of speed and was gone.

Another blog writer, Jonathan Whitcomb, told of a report from a woman in Pennsylvania who in December, 2011, was a passenger in a car when both she and the driver witnessed a large glowing creature fly over them. She said she researched the creature and believed to be a pterosaur, a flying dinosaur thought to be long extinct.

The various stories suggest something strange occurring in Pennsylvania, but there is a problem with them. The witnesses are all unidentified and we could not find newspaper clippings to back them up. Are the stories true or is this a clever hoax perpetrated by a few blog writers?