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Great World Puzzle

Those Mysterious Pyramids

By James Donahue

Among the great mysteries left by the ancient civilizations on Earth are the pyramids. They can be found on just about every continent. Archaeologists, psychics, historians and all of the other people who study these massive stone monuments cannot explain who built them, why they were erected, or how they did it.

Most pyramids, from the massive structure at Giza, Egypt, to the towering stepped pyramids of Central and South America and the massive flat-topped structure at Ji’an, China, are stone monoliths. They are made of massive blocks of cut stone carefully fitted into place to form that familiar pyramid shape.

These are the best known pyramid structures on Earth. But there are many more that exist nearly everywhere. Some even believe an early civilization that existed in North America, known as the mound builders, may have shaped those massive earth mounts with flat tops with temples erected on their tops thus forming that familiar pyramid shape.

Believed to be among the oldest pyramids are the ziggurats, or step pyramids built throughout ancient Mesopotamia in the so-called "Golden Crescent" region of the Middle East. They were constructed of sun-dried mud-brick, so most of the ziggurats have fallen into ruin. It is believed the fabled Tower of Babel was among one of the largest of the ziggurats ever erected in that region.

Ancient pyramid shaped structures also are found in Sudan, Nigeria, Greece, Spain, Europe, India, Indonesia North America and Peru. Some have been found on the bottom of the ocean, suggesting that they were erected prior to a massive upheaval of the surface of this planet at some distant time in the past. Some believe the ruins of a massive pyramid stands at Caledonia, near the controversial site of the alleged Face on Mars.

Some pyramids have been excavated and found to contain the mummified remains of bodies, thus suggesting they were used as tombs. Yet other structures are found with rooms and walkways, yet no evidence of having been used as tombs.

Some pyramids, like the Great Pyramid at Giza, have been found to have small viewing slits that look directly out into the stars, strongly suggesting a link to the stars or a religious belief system based on the astrological alighment of the stars at certain nights of the year. Were they elaborate temples?

Because historians do not believe ancient world civilizations ever achieved the advanced technology we enjoy today, they may have been incapable of cutting and lifting those massive blocks of stone into place. This has led to theories of alien visitations, thus making alien creatures the subject of the world-wide temple worship or perhaps the actual builders of the pyramids.

Another theory is that the pyramids possess some kind of magical energy that can have a positive effect on people who enter them.

Among the strangest beliefs among the esoteric thinkers is that the shape of a pyramid, when placed upside down over itself, and also outward in a three-dimensional pattern, creates something called a mer-ka-ba. When such a device is constructed that is large enough for a human to sit inside, the mer-ka-ba is supposed to have magical powers, even giving the person the ability to look into the future.

The Abba Father, however, warns us that the mer-ka-ba is a machine linked to sacred geometry, which is no longer needed in today’s world. He says the mer-ka-ba is but a mind trap that may be very dangerous for any person to use.

It is true that we personally know of a man who built a mer-ka-ba and attempted to use it as a magical instrument. He went insane.

So it is obvious that there is some kind of strange power created by the pyramid shape. But even our best scientists and occultists have been unable to fully grasp just what this power is, where it comes from, or how it can be correctly used.

Some believe they may even be some kind of special device used by the alien craft as landing pads.

The Abba Father said the pyramids were indeed built by visiting aliens and their purpose is for helping them travel to and from Earth from other worlds in the universe. Each pyramid is built at a portal that links this world to those other worlds. The pyramids are not landing pads, but rather they are machines that utilize sound waves that make it possible for alien ships to travel to distant stars and back again.

He said the energy in the pyramids "is about sound waves. No other. The structure was built to last and hidden on each was a long portal that pointed to the star they needed to go home. This beam had to be pointed exactly as built. No other would work. Hidden there also is a resonance with a portal energy. Others on earth exist and hold the same resonance. This resonance is what brings the aliens here."

Apparently the pyramids are still in working condition and still being used by aliens who are keeping a strange eye on this planet. The Abba Father said the pyramids also are designed to produce big roaring sounds. But this sound is a warning signal "of impending doom here on earth. The aliens watch for this now," he said.